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Spencer to MK Olsen - Shut Your Trap, Troll!

6/28/2008 7:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mary-Kate Olsen no doubt thought she was taking an easy shot at Spencer Pratt when she dissed him as a crybaby on David Letterman's show.

But there's no E-Z in Spencer: This miracle of fashion shoots back on, saying, "She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me." The two went to high school in L.A. – though Spencer says he went to Crossroads, while MK went to Campbell Hall.

"I know I've made it when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman," says Spence.

Miley -- Annie L., Meet Wheels of Bus, Again

Miley Cyrus just won't shut up about having pictures taken of herself for Vanity Fair – and she still thinks it's a "mistake."

The bare-shouldered vixen tells Billboard she's "embarrassed" about the Annie Leibovitz snaps and says it was "wrong" to let Annie shoot her. "You know what, I'm going to do stupid stuff to, and I'm going to make mistakes, and that's fine. It still hurts when I think about it," whines MiCy.

She's shooting the third season of "Hannah Montana," in case you were wondering.

Brinkley Wants to Grill Her Homewrecker

It's going to be a big first day in the Christie Brinkley divorce trial – her lawyers are calling the woman who broke up her marriage to Peter Cook ... on Day One.

Diana Bianchi, reports the New York Daily News, will have to show up next Wednesday to blab all about her relationship with Peter Cook. She reportedly got $300K from Cook to shut up about it, but if compelled, she says she will spill the beans.

"She's trying to keep a very low profile and stay out of all this," says her lawyer.

Party Favors: Wino Flashes Nelson Mandela ... Steven Tyler Says Rehab Was for Sleeping Pills ... MTV to Brit – We'll Do This Again

Amy Winehouse somehow managed to get on stage and sing at Nelson Mandela's birthday party Friday, singing "Rehab" and "Valerie," all while giving the apartheid-killer a view of her boyshorts. ... Steven Tyler says his rehab was all about pain and sleep meds. ... MTV honcho Van Toffler says he will give Britney Spears another chance at the VMAs, even though she embarrassed herself last year.


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chitown ---- You seem a little slow. If Spencer is able to talk to the press which he does. Then he has the "power" to bad mouth people to said press which he does. He attacked Lauren and Jason and neither was too happy about it. Now he has attacked MK

2307 days ago

deja' vu all over again!    

"....I'm going to do stupid stuff to, and..."

as for the TMZ genius writing the Miley quote; it's "too", not "to", when you mean also...... as in this case.

maybe if you passed 4th grade English & grammar class you'd have a real job!

2307 days ago


I love it. 50 posts so far in a story that has Brit Brit in it, and not ONE person interested in the Britster. Fading fast.

2307 days ago

Susy Q    

Spencer is nothing compared to Olsen! He is not even an actor.

2307 days ago


Where was the bed that miley was suppossedly on?
I have the mag, and she was sitting on a stool with the sheet wrapped around her
She should just shut up and say thank you to Annie for even bothering to take her photo, her 15 min.s are almost up
Besides the photo of her lounging in her daddies lap was far more disturbing to me and a lot of other people
Now that was sexualized

Spencer is an A**Hole and is jealous of MK and her wealth
He isn't worth the breath it would take to blow him away, he is almost as tiny as she

2307 days ago

pop eye    

You haven't made anything, Spence, you are a joke. So much of a joke even Letterman and Mary Kate are dissing you. You are the most arrogant, self absorbed snob I have ever seen. And I am not a kid, I am a fully mature 39 year old, professional woman. And for me to feel this way really says a lot, because I like everyone. I will never forget reading a bit on your "advice" column, where some distressed, poor soul wrote into you all upset because she finally got a big date with the guy she really, really liked, and she had too much to drink and ended up urinating in his bed while she was sleeping. She was so mortified she left early in the morning without saying goodbye, and she was agonizing over whether or not she should call him and try to explain, because she liked him that much. Your response was that you don't blame the guy by being turned off and she should consider going to AA. What a fu**ing prick you are. If the guy really liked her to, he would shrug it off as an isolated incident, and AA is for alcoholics, not people who happen to have to much to drink one night and fail to hold their liquids. You are a prick. You will go nowhere with your self important, slimy, snotty, wormy, stuff up attitude. Trust me.

2307 days ago


Spencer/MK: If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black! Spencer is the ultimate troll!

2307 days ago

mickey lou    

Christie get over it! You are making a damn fool out of yourself! You have relationship problems! Go see a shrink! Maybe Dr, Phil can help you. I feel sorry for your kids.

2307 days ago


Yo Spence buddy!
There's a big difference between talking about you and laughing about you!
Study the difference!
Know the difference!'

2307 days ago


Actuall hpcb, I am not also "sam45" nor am I 9. I am 20 and I am a fan of Miley. I'm not afraid to say that I think Hannah Montana is a funny show and my guilty pleasure.

Nice try.

2307 days ago

Make It Right!!    

The Cyrus Family wanted to try and start marketing Miley into more adult film fare and so they APPROVED THIS PHOTO SHOOT! They wanted it! Ask any photog or anyone on a shoot, these celebrities don't release ANYTHING without first having given consent. If Billy Ray left it to the Publicist, then the fault, if any, lies with the Publicist. None of it lies with Annie Leibovitz!! They were just not prepared for the backlash they would get from the parents of Miley's fans. Anne, you are either very, very, young and naive or you and old and naive and youa are definitely star struck for believing this nonsense. I hope no respectable photog will ever take a foto of Miley again...except for the papps. And then her career will fade as her audience grows up and gets over her and the new kids will have a new, younger Miley to fawn over. They have acted ridiculous towards Ms. Leibovitz over this and they should accept all responsibility!! Disney is staying surprising mum... what does that tell you? While they don't want to put Hannah Montana down just yet, they know there will be another Hannah on the very next bus...while a talent like Annie, she's once in a generation! If they really thought Annie was to blame and soiled the reputation of their leading star, they would have fired her, but they didn't. That tells you she had the Cyrus' permission for the shoot!!

2307 days ago


Miley Cyrus, understandibly would want to hang onto the goody-disney-squeaky clean persona that's gotten her to this point, but the repeated dissing of an extremely talented and well-known artistic photographer is no way to get ahead in the long run. Annie L. is known for taking complete creative control of her shoots and with a list of celebrity subjects like her's it is down-right stupid of Miley, her dad, or any of her reps to be bad-mouthing someone who could (and HAS) only helped bring the disney princess into a bigger limelight. How "stupid and embarrassed" is she gonna feel when Disney dumps her for someone fresher-faced and younger and her career just plain ends?

2307 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Anne, you are 20 years old and proud to be a Miley Cyrus fan??? What small backwoods town do you live in? At 20 years old I was a Junior in College, on the Dean's list, had won an award for Excellence in Literature, would go on to win a Centurian Award, an Award for a short film I made and be nominated for Senior of the Year. And I was listening to the likes of the Violent Femmes, Jane's Addiction, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden (before they were famous), The Clash, The Ramones, X, Black Flag...point your other 20 year old friends know you are a Miley fan?? You must not be in college then!! College kids don't watch or listen to Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana!!!

What is this country coming to when our 20 year olds are mindless fame mongers and loving Miley Cyrus!!! I feel sorry for this country when it is your generation's turn to take control of the world!!

2307 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And Mary Kate Olsen mops the floor with the likes of a Spencer Pratt!! She is a billionaire mogul with her sister Ashley. Spencer Pratt is a shameless fame whore with Heidi Montag who's fame will be over before the ink on their wedding certificate dries! In 5 years, they will be in the "Memba them" segment of TMZ. Mary Kate and Ashley will continue to secretly control the tween universe thru their corporation!!

2307 days ago


Spencer Pratt, STFU you idiot. The Olsen Twins made it when they were babies. Pratt isn't qualified to wipe their butts.

2307 days ago
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