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Tommy Lee Jones -- WH2Ore

7/1/2008 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tommy Lee Jones sure can pass a lot of water. No continence for old men!

According to the water cops down in San Antonio, Jones was the eighth-biggest water user in the city, gushing out 128,139 gallons per month in the last seven months -- that's more than $300 per month on H20 alone! Folks in San Antone are on year-round water restrictions, and an average homeowner uses about eight or nine thousand gallons a month.

So get this -- the water police tell us they're going down to Tommy's house tomorrow to work out better water usage.


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Hypocrite! College roommate of Al Gore...has gone out there stomping for Al Gore and his environmental issues, even Al Gore - commercial jets all over to these global warming events - yet leaving his Big Ol' carbon footprint in his wake. All these as I say, not as I do!

2313 days ago


Who says we are in water rationing? Stage 1 has not been declared - yet. While I agree he is using more than my family (by a long shot) he isn't breaking the law - yet.

2313 days ago


Celebrities don't think the rules apply to them. Celine Dion also was caught using over 66,000 gallons a month at her home in Palm Beach. I get the city knocking on my door because I went 400 gallons over the allowed limit. That's totally f***ed up.

2313 days ago


I can't imagine why his water usage is our business.

2313 days ago


Like Bookwench said, there is no Stage 1 water rationing yet.

I wouldn't mess with Tommy Lee because he'll prolly bust a cap in you because 1) he was raised in Texas, and 2) if he liked paps, he'd be living in Hellay; and 3) he's not real wild about having people messing with him or showing up uninvited.

He's the Texas version of Chuck Norris...."There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Tommy Lee Jones has allowed to live".

The Texas Tommy Lee is da bomb!

2313 days ago


Just a correction..

I live in San Antonio, NW side..and we're NOT under water restrictions--YET. There are some being enforced up towards Austin, but it hasn't gotten that far south.

2313 days ago


Your stories and post headings are so misleading......There is no water shortage in San Antonio. You need to check your
"sources" a little better.

2313 days ago


Wasn't Tommy Lee a college pal of Wierd Al Gore? Talk about birds of a feather. Al Gore uses more electricity at his house than most Third World nations, and now Tommy Lee seems to have installed an indoor water park or something. Save the earth! Change your lightbulbs - and don't listen when celebrities and hypocritical politicians tell you how to live your lives.

2313 days ago


About 20 years ago, he called my office several times to talk with my boss. He had to leave a message. A very, very humble guy. He actually SPELLED his entire 3 names for me - Tommy Lee Jones!!! I couldn't believe it. I'm thinking, "Yes, you're a big movie star. I know how to spell your name."

2313 days ago

Team Holly    

hum....i thought his ranch was in San Saba, TX

2313 days ago


Get a life... when these low lifes start paying my water bill..then maybe they can tell me how much to use.

2313 days ago


If he's paying for the water, what difference does it make how much he uses? "Year Round" is simply a conservation guideline and doesn't imply water shortages. We aren't even at Stage 1 yet in San Antonio. Geez, you'd think SOMEONE at TMZ could take a couple of minutes to look up that information online.

2313 days ago


The other 7 top water users I would bet are government officials. city council members. mayor.....etc........

When the governors grass is brown. I'll start rationing

2313 days ago


Tommy Lee Jones is still great!
TMZ should check their facts once in a while.

2313 days ago

Pookie Adams    

TLJ has a big ol' house in SA - aside from the ranch. However, SA is not, nor has it ever been, in "year-round water restrictions." We're having the second-driest spring/summer ever, but no restrictions, yet. TLJ's Terrell Hills home has a huge yard, and will probably get bigger, when he buys the neighbor's house, which is for sale, and levels it. For those who care, TLJ likes to punch people who stare at him, but also prefers to carry on public conversations REALLY LOUD, so people will look at him. Guess he likes to hit people.

2312 days ago
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