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Mini-Me Sex Chick

Whoring Out the Tape!

7/2/2008 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ranae Schrader, Verne TroyerAnd the truth shall set you free ... to sell your sex tape.

Ranae Shrider -- the co-star of the only good movie Verne Troyer has done this year -- the woman who now says she authorized TMZ to run portions of the sex tape -- is now actively shopping it around town. That's what sources tell us.

We're told she's asking for a minimum $25,000. And here's the deal....a deal may have already been struck and the flick could go wide as early as next week. We're predicting a bigger B.O. than "Love Guru."


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Fernando Valenzuela    

16. It's not whether TMZ has rights to release the tape... it's whether or not TMZ should actually post the video. In all honesty, do you need to post it and do people really need to see it?

Sure I have the choice not to view it, but aren't there things left in life that can remain out of public view? Do we really need to know about or even see a celebrity sex tape?

Humans are the only species on this planet who feel they have rights to do anything they want. Hundreds of thousands of other life forms on earth and humans are the only ones who claim to have a "right" to anything they want.


someone needs to step down from their moral soapbox......

2272 days ago

Sam N Virginia Beach    

I think I just threw up in my mouth. That is just wrong and perverted. I understand everyone does it,but shouldn't this kinda thing be on a porn site?? I am going to have to give my therapist a call. The mental image of a human dildo is just not working for me.. Yuck!!

2272 days ago


its just nasty thats why there should be an injunction, for public health purposes

2272 days ago


All I have to say if she does try and sell the tape without Verne's permission he slap her with a lawsuit for EVERY DAMN DIME she gets. But then no porn company can distribute in. TMZ left that part out, the judge may have said the could put their clips back up but redlight and every other porn company is still BLOCKED from selling the tape or even taking orders for it.

And who cares who knew her in high school she's a broke down tramp with nothing better going on for her so she has to sell a sex tape featuring her and a B list celeb. Why? Bcause no one gives a rat hairy @$$ about that skank. He's alot better off without her trifling midget pole smoking self.

2272 days ago


Poor bastard... bet he had to run 1,000 miles... "Kiss me, f*ck me, kiss me, f*ck me"... surprised he didn't have a heart attack!

2271 days ago


Well, he was probably drunk when he allowed the tramp to video tape themselves (Surreal Life anyone?) As another poster wrote. When are they going to learn! I feel bad for Verne. If he were a little more famous he could actually put a stop to what the hooker is doing.

2269 days ago

nea nea    

shes a smelly pirate hooker. i would let him eat me out and thats about it lol!

2237 days ago

nea nea    

she's a smelly pirate hooker! i wud let him eat me out with that little toung and thats about it lol!

2237 days ago

Bitch please    

OMG what is that scary looking thing. Both of them.

811 days ago
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