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Christie to Kids: Your Dad Doesn't Love Me

7/7/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the third day of testimony in the cage match that is the Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook divorce, the supermodel told a packed courtroom she had to tell her kids "I think Daddy has fallen out of love with me."

Brinkley says just after learning her soon-to-be ex hubby was screwing around with an 18-year-old girl, she had to suck it up and throw a birthday party for 30 kids. She called that experience a "nightmare."

The cover girl also says she tried to avoid telling her children all about the dirty details of the break-up, including Cook's pricey porn habit.

Stay tuned ... they're in court all day.


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2300 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

He is DISGUSTING!!! I don't think he is good looking at all. I don't see how beautiful Christie married this idiot in the first place.

2300 days ago


The more Brinkley shoots her mouth off, the less sympathetic she becomes. What will berating the guy in public accomplish except revenge? Doesn't she realize that this may scare away husband #5, #6 . . . ?

2300 days ago


This is a spectacle, I hope the kids understand this has nothing to do with them. Peter is a sleezy jerk!

2300 days ago

Lana Caine    

Christie is a pain in the ass! What normal guy doesn't look at porn? And she's no prize. Look, Billy Joel--who is nothing to look at--got tired of her. She was born beautiful and has had her ass kissed all her life. She has zero personality because all she's had to do is rely on her looks. Now she's out of the public eye and her craving for attention leads her to making a spectacle of herself in the courtroom. Buh-bye--You're aging everyday and your looks continue to fad. You have nothing to offer the world.

2300 days ago


What a skank. There was no reason for her to tell the kids that Daddy doesn't love her anymore. All she was trying to accomplish there was turning the kids against him. Now, in court she is trying to turn the world against him. If he had these issues then she should have known about it when she married him. She doesn't appear concerned about the kids or anyone else other than herself and trying to rationalise this "revenge" thing she has against him. Yes, he is a sleeze, but this chic has no class at all, just trying to play the victim.

2300 days ago

mis maiden    

she "TRIED" to avoid? give me a break, she's the one making this public. he's a slime, but she's just as much to blame when it comes to hurting the kids. She needs to shut her mouth and think about her kids. i do not for one second buy her woah is me routine. yes, her husband is an ass, and for that its sad, but the ways she's acting now has just cancelled out any bit of sympathy i felt for the lady.

2300 days ago

Oh Canada    

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Christie Brinkley is behaving like a jilted teenager with emotional problems. I cannot believe she is airing her dirty laundry for all (includin her young children) to hear and see. Her children with Cook aren't even teenagers, there's no need to give them the "grownup" details of the break up.

"I think daddy has fallen out of love with me"....what a heck of a thing to tell her young children. It just goes to show you that Ms.Brinkley is one selfish/self absorbed and needy woman. I suppose that's what happen to women who make their living from being beautiful, they lose their minds when the signs of age and gravity begins to show.

She's bent on revenge, and is not thinking of the emotional well being of her children. I bet she's busy poisoning their minds against the man.

It's ridiculous. Why have a public divorce? Is the money you'll get or save in alimony/palimony more important than your self respect? Ms.Brinkley, right now it's obvious to me that you have none.

Still beautiful at 50, but oh so empty on the inside.

2300 days ago

tippy katz    

I agree with most people here: the more she pursues revenge, the more she flaps her gums,
the worse SHE looks.
As it's been reported, they are not in court over money.
Remember, she paid off Ricky Taubman to cut all ties with his own son.
Peter Cook is for sure an ass and a loser, but most certainly loves his kids, like many of
us imperfect parents.
He is fighting her because he wants to still be involved with his kids. She wants to take them and move on to
husband number 5 and forget about him.
Her response is to publicly shame him, hurting her own kids in the process. This apparently doesn't bother her.
She allowed Cook to drag Alexa out of the shower and shove her head in a bucket, and still stayed with him, until
he wounded her ego by cheating.
It's simple: Her EGO is more important that her CHILDREN. She disgusts me even more than he does!

2300 days ago


She tried to protect her kids by requesting the the trial be TELEVISED!!! Who does she think she's kidding?

2300 days ago


In no way do i think he is a good dude but what he did isn't that uncommon. he cheatd and she should leave him. that is simple. yet what she is doing now is simply revenge. if there was no kids involved then it would not be a big deal but there is and revenge should not be an option. she can not look for sympathy for having to explain this all to the kids when she is the one who is now airing all of it herself. she could have done this out of the public eye and spare the kids all the details. she also screwd herself as well. no all the dirt on her is going to come out as well. and if i was his attorneys i would not let up at this point. one last point, what idiot spends 3000 a month on internet porn. there is a ton of really good free porn to look at on the internet. that was his biggest mistake

2300 days ago


Christie's attempt to gain sympathy and exact revenge have only served to make her look foolish. While I don't agree with cheating in any relationship and Mr. Cook made terrible choices, Christie has only compounded the problem. She needs counseling.

2300 days ago

Trooper Tom    

She TRIED to not tell her kids about the porn stuff! Oh please the kids probably had no idea what it is but they sure do now. Four marriages down the road and is acting like the virgin mary

2300 days ago


Christie, honey, when you need a break from all this....when you want a new, caring man in your life, just call me. I promise that I'll never spend $3000 per month for online porn (I can easily get by with $1200). I'll never, ever hide money for teeny-bopper skanks under rocks in the garden (that's why we hire gardeners, isn't it?) And I can guarantee three screaming orgasms a night (and maybe one for you too)!
So, call me, baby. I'm here for you.

2300 days ago


Of course she "tried to avoid telling the kids" about their father. That way it wouldn't have been public!
There's a reason Peter Cook turned to porn and had an affair. Her conduct and vindictiveness during this court battle is no doubt just the tip of the iceberg. As husband #4, Peter Cook's life with her must have been a nightmare. No wonder he turned to porn as an escape from the reality of living with her!

2300 days ago
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