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C-Rod Breaks Out Guns, Fires Blanks on Alex

7/9/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A buffed out Cynthia Rodriguez flexed on her soon-to-be-ex hubby in Florida today, by showing off the toned physique that Stray-Rod will never lay his hands on again!

For the first time since she filed for divorce, cameras caught C-Rod out in public with trainer Dodd Romero -- whom she went to Paris with -- but Cynthia still refused to comment on the split. The future ex-Rods have a $12 million, six-bedroom estate in Coral Gables, and she wants it as part of the divorce settlement.


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2240 days ago


she looks terrific. way to go cynthia. shop till he drops!!!

2240 days ago


get it get it girl

2240 days ago

oh brother    

Cynthis looks like Sandra Bernhardt

2240 days ago


Between A Rod, Madonna and Dane Cook's dog poop, this site has gone to hell!

2240 days ago


I loath anybody who feels entitled to another person’s earnings. Here is the thing; all of their money comes from his natural ability to play sports. She contributes NOTHING financially to the marriage and she should be entitled to nothing after the marriage. For some reason women think that they should be made millionaires because they found a millionaire to marry and divorce. What’s even worse is that there are those out there that think this makes sense. Come on people, you want a lavish lifestyle? EARN IT YOURSELF!

A person who smokes knows that cigarettes are bad for you and cause cancer. A person who drinks knows that getting behind the wheel could land you in jail. A woman who marries a professional athlete KNOWS that he is going to cheat. This is known going in. If you decide to marry him anyway, then you have nobody to blame but yourself and need to accept the consequence of your choices. And, in the rare event that you do marry a professional athlete who is faithful: good for you! But it’s like smoking and not getting cancer, or drinking and driving and not getting caught. I would not bank on a positive outcome.

2240 days ago


Awwww Pete, you were making sense until you dropped that irrational second paragraph about all athletes cheating. You can't pretend to make sense and hten come off justifying that behavior. You're a phony man!
Let me quote Ivana Trump......Don't get mad, get it ALL! and I hope she does!

2240 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Does she remind anyone else of Mrs. Jim McGreevey? Besides the fact that they were both married to creepy sleazy cheating jerks!

2240 days ago

Mama Kin    

This skank should be at home with her new baby!!!!

She knew exactly what she was getting into when she got married, and NOW she's a victim??

Golddigging tramp!

2240 days ago


COME ON GIRL!! If you are going to show your face in public - at least show him what he is missing out on!! Good grief! You could put a little make - up on and maybe wear some decent clothes!

2240 days ago

Albert Friend    

Another reason to keep it in your pants gentlemen!!

2240 days ago


This lady is a "gold digger," and the kind that gives other women a bad name. She's hired 4 divorce lawyers and holds her children hostage from their father. If I were Arod, just give her what you have too...forget the kids, go and have new ones - don't let her wreck your life or their lives. The kids will be so missed up - or set up visits once a year!!! You'll make it again, even if she takes half your money, but it would be worth it just to get rid of her!!!! She married you for $$$$ not for love - let her go and enjoy the rest of your life - life is too short - cut the ties and move on from this evil, manipulative sad excuse for a mother!!! It should always be "children" first - no matter how much you hate each other - if they are used as cash cows, let them go, they'll come back to you when they're older. Women who use their children, shouldn't have children in the first place...very sad!!!

2240 days ago


I have to agree with Pete, very well put. And I am starting to hate her, she should be with her kids and not all over town buying a bunch of crap to try to get back at him.

2240 days ago

Money Maker    

Pete, you are 100% correct... No need to say more

2240 days ago


Wait!!! HE CHEATED MANY MANY times and while she was pregnant and SHE'S a gold digger? You morons make me laugh. I Hope someone comes along and gives you a bit of reality on what it means to be a victim.

2240 days ago
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