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S**t Hits Fan In Dane Cook Trial!

7/9/2008 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jurors in the Dane Cook Dogs**t trial just saw what could be the "smoking" gun -- you'll pardon the expression.

The lawyer for Dane's landlord played a tape showing Cook's dog Beast crapping on the common grounds of the apartment where Dane live -- though not for long if the jury agrees with the landlord.

Another clip shows the fruits of the Pinscher's labor on the ground. The video shows an L.A. Times newspaper next to the black book -- it was there to cement the date the poop was taken, not as a receptacle.

They don't call him a pincher for nothin'.

Stay tuned.


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Dawn Day    

Doesn't he have 'people' to pick that up?

2299 days ago


if this is all true he is one nasty dude

2299 days ago

Casual Observer    

What a great neighbor and all-around human being. He should just go away already. His pathetic romantic comedy movies are, ironically, not romantic nor funny! Go back to the trailer park, Dane!

2299 days ago


Are you guys serious? This is news? Please! Guys, girls, this is just too stupid for words.

2299 days ago


What a JERK Dane is!!!! My God, pick up your dogs crap!!! Does he think he is above that just because he is a Actor?? And a terrible actor at that!! I can't believe this went to a jury trial. What a way to waste tax payers money!!!

2299 days ago


Wow, for people who don't give a SH*T about Dane Cook, you guys are sure keepin up on his life, aren't you! You people are hypocrites! If you don't like him, then go find something else better to do than comment on his stories. You're insignificant.

I say, TMZ....keep it up! Take your 1st amendment right and give Dane Cook ALL the free publicity he DESERVES!

Thanks, Guys! :D

2299 days ago


Who wants to read about a trial that has to do with dog s**t? Seriously, this isn't news at all. Miley Cyrus getting pregnant, now that would be news.

2299 days ago


Why can't people just clean up after their effing dogs. I have 5 chihuahua's and I clean up. It's not hard. IT makes dog owners look bad.

Dane Cook is an effing loser.

2299 days ago


lmao you guyz are funny ... its dog crap not an atomic bomb. and on top of that a pincher. its in the name the crap is as big as your pinky... and yuck.. you are crazy he is one funny SOB =]

2299 days ago


LIVES. It should be "where he lives--though not for.."

TMZ has the worst grammar on the internet.

2299 days ago

BJ Rocks    

He is an idiot ! as a responsible dog owner he needs to pick up after his dog

2299 days ago


TMZ you're sooo cheeky and bold.

I like how your rude, obnoxious cameraman sat there with his fat foot in the elevator trying to keep the doors open, then lied about it and tried to fool everyone by acting like he "didn't know why the door wouldn't close?????!!!!!" I wish he HAD gotten his ass kicked a little. That's just plain old rude, not to mention annoying.

You all take it way too far half the time. It's one thing to quietly and DISCREETLY follow someone around that you're trying to do reconnaissance (or spy) on. It's another thing to strait up invade someone's personal space and become a boil on their ass. Not to mention your dangerous pap photogs are gonna kill someone REAL soon if they haven't already. The way they drive and infuriate certain people, it's GONNA happen.

You hire obnoxious idiots on purpose, and then tell them to be over the top annoying. That way you can incite anger in the stars your harassing, and therefore have a story to post on your little web page. That is the same thing to me as a a hooker hustling for a paycheck. Both jobs are immoral and gross.

2299 days ago


Oh come on this is not real.............

2299 days ago

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