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Rampage Mad Dogs Cop Cam

7/16/2008 6:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shirtless Quinton "Rampage" Jackson didn't smile or say "cheese" for cops after his arrest. TMZ obtained his official mugshot -- taken at a local precinct moments before he was taken to a nearby O.C. hospital where the UFC fighter was treated moments after his drive from hell.
Quinton Jackson and Andy Dick
Is this the scariest mugshot you've ever seen? Imagine how the guy behind the camera felt.


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Rampage obviously isnt right mentally. He's a good guy in real life and this isnt in his character to do such a thing. Let's just wait until the WHOLE story comes out first before everyone starts crucifying him. Everyone makes mistakes and no one was injured thankfully.

2259 days ago


I dont think its scary at all.

I do think that the only reason yall think its scary is because he is black.

Just sayin'.

2259 days ago

Kim Rocks    

I agree the white perv is the scariest..... Damn pervert

2259 days ago


hy was he sirtless you ask? to get pics of all his tattoo's for his record

2259 days ago


Nick Nolte's mug shot is probably the scariest mug shot I've seen to date.

2259 days ago


What is so scary about Quinton's picture? He looks more upset and sad than scary. Maybe you guys should stop imediately judging him and labeling him a stupid criminal before you have the whole story. There could be underlying issues you are clueless to.

2259 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

oh come on. it looks like a myspce profile picture. it's totally neutral. except, do they allow shirts off in the klink pic??

2259 days ago

Mike DALTON    

Rampage is a good man, he'll bounce back, and the biggest thing to remember is that none of you lame haters will ever accomplish what he has. The present never changes the past, he was still a UFC champ, something none of you lame haters will EVER accomplish!

2259 days ago


I totally love Andy. He is funny as hell, but this mugshot is CREEPY!!!!

2259 days ago

Cherry Cola    

In response to "Lala is a dumbass" - I think you better read my post again. You clearly didn't get the message.

2259 days ago


Im not a big fan of Rampage but he is to talented and young to have his career end like this.I just hope the publicity against the sport of MMA doesnt drag it down.All the best to Rampage and his potential comeback.

2259 days ago


Yeah. You think he's scary because he's black. Admit it. The thought that a black man was free enough to drive through Orange County in a truck he paid for with his own money that isn't being used to haul your garbage keeps you awake @ night. Kevin Randleman got screwed the same way back about UFC 28 vs. Coture.

What's more scary is that the creepy comedian got caught molesting a minor, and he doesn't give a crap.

2259 days ago


It's real easy for you all to sit back here and laugh and call him a loser. Very easy when you can sit here and honestly and ignorantly believe that the media is reporting all the facts, straight forward. Wrong. The media is trying to make him seem like an ignorant monster, to get hits and viewers. In all his interviews you can see on youtube and DVDs and TV he seems like someone you would want to be friends with, does he not? The man just unfairly lost his title. The UFC is his professional life, it's his career. Everyone who paid attention to the Jackson Vs. Griffin fight knows that decision was BS, He probably was not in a very good mental place after taking such a blow to his career like that.

People make decisions. It doesn't make him a bad person or a loser.

2259 days ago


Durr stupid mistyped comment.
People make poor decisions sometimes, it doesn't make them a bad person or a loser.

2259 days ago


Just another loser...................Go Forest

2259 days ago
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