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Billy Ray -- The Real Colonel Mustard

7/17/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Showing off his tickets to the gun show, Billy Ray Cyrus thought he was the s**t when he left the set of "Hannah Montana" -- too bad nobody told him about the giant glob of mustard polluting that pretty face.


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As far as Billy Ray having mustard on his face goes---BIG EFFING DEAL!!!!!!!!! I don't think there's a single person alive who's never had a bit of food on their face! Go hound A-Rod and Madonna, or Sienna Miller and HER married boyfriend, and leave Billy Ray alone! Furthermore, he isn't "riding his daughter's coattails". He is a very involved dad, plain and simple.

As far as Miley 7-and 5-year-old daughters love her, so I think she's great. That whole Vanity Fair cover was not her fault-------SHE IS A CHILD!!!!!! The photographer should not have taken such suggestive pictures of a 15-year-old. The internet photos, if they were even really Miley, were just a normal teenage girl fooling around. Get over it.

I think it is really low to say such nasty things about a child. How would you feel if someone was saying those things about your daughter? To trash Billy Ray is one thing, but have a little decency and leave his child alone. You are pathetic.

2252 days ago

Queen Bee    

Hateful much there "i hate hollywood"? Wishing death on a child and her father....nicccceee.

2252 days ago


WHAT pretty face?? He's white trash with money.

2252 days ago


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a big dufus

2252 days ago


#15 That is mean and very harsh...they just like us are all ants on an anthill just trying to survive. It takes all kinds, normal, and not so normal. Don't be a hater...hate causes cancer. And don't wish death upon anyone...that is cruel.

2252 days ago



2252 days ago

shea downey    

come on folks the guys got to eat get some real news tmz needs help with news. and billy didnt ride in on anyone coat tails he put his daughter out front to be discovered i'd say that makes him great dad. there is soooo much negativity out there why doesnt someone be unique and be positive for a change. negative people need lots of therapy is more like it.

2252 days ago


Does he rub lotion on his daughter's thighs like Hulk Hogan?
When Miley is doing a striptease show, will he attend and watch?
These dads are perbes!

2252 days ago


Get this guy a pair of scissors for his dumb haircut!! Eewwwww...

2252 days ago


Big deal

2252 days ago

Joe Mama    

leave the man alone! he suffers from achy breaky heart disease.

2252 days ago


is this another hulk and brooke situation???

2252 days ago


Hahaha, first time that TMZ made me laugh for real. Billy Ray Cyrus is such a loser, like a male Dina Lohan. Can't believe I'm typing their names. Yuck

2252 days ago


Here we go again with some DORK who thinks he is cool using the word TOOL again...get a life!!!
BILLY RAY CYRUS IS A FREAKIN' LEGEND and if you could think for yourself, you would know that "INDEED" ACHY BREAKY HEART IS COUNTRY and Billy Ray has had WAY WAY more hits than that one song.

2169 days ago
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