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Bulletin: Brit Kid is Fine

7/22/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThere's a magazine out there that is pushing a story that Jayden James is autistic. It ain't so.

In case you read it, we're told by Britney Spears' peeps that the story is ridiculous. Brit was at Jenny McCarthy's autism event Saturday night, and the mag figured two and two added up to five.

But it's just not true.


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How do you know that it is not true? I mean it is pretty obvious that there is something wrong with may be mild retardation or something else, but it also could be autisim as it seems that every other celebrity these days has a kid with the disease. The best bet though is that the child was born addicted to drugs/alcohol as she was not taking care of herself during pregnancy.

2286 days ago


I'd like TMZ to change the headline of this story.

I know it sounds like nit picking, but my son is autistic....and he's fine.

There's nothing WRONG with an autistic child. They are all normal, fabulous children who just happen to have been given the gift of autism.

Brit's kid is not autistic would be FINE.

Thank You

2286 days ago


Sean Preston will be 3 in september and is still wearing DIAPERS

2286 days ago


Ehhhh....sorry tmz.....Brit kid is NOT fine!!

2286 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

5. Give the liitle rugrats time...I'm sure in a few years they will have some sort of issues.
Posted at 12:18PM on Jul 22nd 2008 by Smithy

Yep. The paps, their employers, and all of the voyeur losers who hunger to witness the pain and suffering of others will see to it that these kids' lives are totally ruined.

2286 days ago


of course her child aint autistic. he has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). she did drink while she was pregnant with him and remember that she didnt want anybody to take his picture when he was younger. DUH!!! retarted bitch

2286 days ago

Brit Fans r the best!    

My son IS 3 and is still wearing diapers! What does that have to do with anything??? Do you even have kids?? It is very normal for a 3 yr old boy to not be fully potty trained..............

2286 days ago


I usually sit and laugh at all the comments on here..but, I had to say something here. 1st of all..all 3 of my boys weren't potty trained til atleast what!! And, my 8 yr. old is autistic..and you wouldn't be able to tell he is..unless you spent some time with him. They are gifts of all children are. My son can draw extremely well, and some day one of yous could pay for one of his drawings. I wouldn't trade my son for nothing. Who cares if Brit's son is would be her choice to share it with the world. Not just because she was at a benefit..does that make her child autistic. How many other stars support benefits of any kind. So, if a star with children supported something like St. Judes..they have to have a child sick there?? Nope! Autism is appearing at an alarming rate 1 in 150 or so in kids..or as much as 1 in 60 or so in boys...I would be thankful for Britney showing her support. As I am thankful for Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey (I could care less if I spelled their names wrong) bringing attention to autism (also, to all the people making it known) Let's give this girl a break for once. And, if her child is what!! Does that make her a bad person?? No, I didn't drink, do drugs or anything when pregnant with my son....some of us are blessed with these angels. I love my kids. Proud mom to an autistic child!! :)

2286 days ago


The only reason this twit was at the benefit was for publicity!
That's it!
Where there is a picture op, britney will be there.

2286 days ago


Of course her child isn't Autistic. Most people I know with a child on the Autistic spectrum (myself included; I have two) come from a rather bookish and intelligent background. My husband's family is composed largely of engineers, microbiologists, and others in academics or science. My family is full of artists and intensely creative types who don't require Pro Tools to have talent.

Brit and Kev.. Uh not so much. ;) FAS? Quite likely. Autism? *rolls eyes* Doubt it.

And yes, my boys are a blessing just as they are and instead of wasting money and time on a "cure", we should be developing educational and life skills resources for our kids and accept them as they are with love and pride.

2286 days ago


#14 -- Why do you say there is something wrong with Jayden? What is it about him that makes you think that? He's a baby, not quite 2 years old yet. Regardless of having Britskank for a mom and DildoLynne for a grandma, he's just a cute toddler and I don't see what there is about him that makes you think something is "wrong" with him. Please explain.

2285 days ago


I would much rather see Britney at a worthwhile benefit than doing the things she has been doing the past few years. It looks like she is trying to change. She has a long way to go and can't change it all in just a few months, but it seems like she is trying. If she keeps on trying to get back in shape (she's not completely there yet either), and if she would learn to dress with class and get some education she could be quite a stunning woman. Her mother did a poor job of raising her and she ended up going into a serious meltdown. The few months her dad has been in charge has shown tremendous improvement in her. I hope that continues. If the judge would keep him in charge for at least another year, I think she might be permanently healed. (I don't look for the judge to do that though. A shame.)

2285 days ago


17 and 19 -- What is it about Jayden everybody thinks there is something wrong? I'm not trying to argue, I'm seriously interested to know what you and others mean when you say that. #14 said it too. What am I missing here? Nobody says anything about Sean Preston -- how are the two different other than age?

2285 days ago


Janie, understandably you love your child and he or she is precious to you with or without autism, but how can you say autistic children are "normal" and that autism is a "gift"? I don't understand why people are saying Jaden James is autistic, it sounds like some very ignorant people just being mean, but autism is not just [everything normal, it's okay, a gift," etc., and autistic people need for others to understand that and for the world to keep searching for the causes and a cure if possible.

2285 days ago


Since when is autism a gift? I beg your pardon, Janie, but that is the biggest crock of sh*t I have ever heard. I suppose you think mental illness and physical handicaps are a gift too? You are stupid to even say that. Sure, autisitic children are loved and wanted, but that still doesn't make it a "gift" and no, it is not normal. But then, with what you said, neither are you. If your child's autism could be miraculously taken away, would you opt to keep it? Oh, I also do not see why anybody thinks there is something wrong with Jayden James

2285 days ago
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