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Madonna's Latest Incarnation: Old Lady

7/26/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a face only A-Rod could love -- Madonna stepped out of a Kabbalah Center in NYC looking borderline human.

Madge's sunken face looks more geriatric than diva!


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If that's a face lift, I think they lifted too far, I think I see a little 'pink' where her mouth should be.

2244 days ago


Hey Baseball Junkie .. not to argue since I almost always agree with what you post but...technically... Witchcraft is not a religion itself.. it's the art and/or practice of casting spells .. hence the 'craft' part.. as in crafting spells. Wicca however is a Federally recognized religion with laws and guidelines, governing it's practitioners .....Not all Witches follow the religion of Wicca, many Witches are not Wiccan (like myself) Also many Wiccans do not practice Witchcraft in that many believe that interfereing with a persons will is a huge no-no in Wiccan Ethics.

2244 days ago

Melon Head    

I yi yi yi, maybe a white cream facial might help...

2244 days ago

Lou Voren    

Now, that is the face of ONE DRIED-OUT SKANK-BITCH!!!

She looks like she had the entire U.S. Navy and the Merchant Marine fleets DO her.

Well, she can always take up a job as a dried out old street-whore.

2244 days ago

Just Me2    

If after taking "care" of herself all these years (diet and exercise), Madonna looks like THIS at 50 - Imagine what Britney, Lindsay and Miley are going to look like!!! (if they make it to 50)

Everyone is entitled to his / her own opinion, however, whether or not Madonna WAS or is talented, she was a very beautiful woman at one time, even as recent as her early to mid forties.
It must be terrible, to be in the american public's eye and age as she has.

I absolutely hated watching videos, or seeing pics where she was "grabbing her crotch". What an ugly and vile woman she was - and no doubt still is.

The absolute death knell was her taking those repulsive pics for her "sex" book way back in the 90's (I only recently looked them up online). There is actually a pic of her with a DOG appearing to have just licked her (you know where), or about to!
Pics of her and Naomi Campbell, Vanilla Ice and others...truly grotesque.

See and decide for yourselves how gross this woman was/is...just "google" Madonna's "sex book".

Her poor children will undoubtedly see these one day (if they haven't already). How she "snared" Guy Richie (supposedly a "proper" english gentleman), is beyond me.

I'm sure Madonna's mother would be proud - NOT!

2244 days ago


And hey Snark #82 Maybe you should take your own advice and shut up.. a little education into other
religions won't kill you. Nobody is saying one is more right or wrong
just that there is a difference. Nothing wrong with a little
knowlege now and then ..sheesh

2244 days ago


Hello Kitty, I can't wait to hear bjs response! Does anyone realize that no other religion, besides christianity believes in a "hell." Sorry bj, witchcraft may be a satisfying outcome for you, but most people will not go there for obvious reasons.

2244 days ago


Uh - Oh.. should I be nervous ?? LOL

2244 days ago


I think she wears too much eye make-up when she's all dressed up. A little foundation, some blush, mascara (not too much, ease up girl) would make her look younger and fresher. I think it's a bad shot of her, though she is looking Madamish lately.

2244 days ago


Vanilla did "ice ice" her. I know for a fact, but he is way past that, with a long marriage and teenagers.

2244 days ago


some are obviously photoshopped. screw you, tmz.

2244 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Hello Kitty, I accept your corrections. I used witchcraft because most people recognize that word rather than Wicca but you are absolutely right. I myself do not cast spells but I will ask the Goddess to help me if it won't interfere with the natural balance. And, of course, you are right about the ethics. If you harm no one, do as you will. That is the whole of the law. But we take note that not doing harm is the first part and therefore the most important. I would like to think there are many things people wouldn't do if they realized how much harm would result. But first they'd have to think and the drunk drivers of the world (for example) don't seem to be able to.

I know that Kabbalah is a type of mystic thought based on the Jewish tradition but I've tried reading up on it and I haven't really understood it. I am surprised that a true catholic girl can reconcile the two but perhaps she's also changed her religion. After all Katie Holmes was a good catholic girl once upon a time. Mind you, kabbalah sounds more reasonable if harder to understand than scientology but then that's easy. Like #86, if there is someone on the boards who can give a good but simple explanation, I'd appreciate it if they would also.

Go Sox

2244 days ago


That is what I love about the Pagan based religions.. the 'thinking' part ;) Often times the very act a spell casting really 'makes' you look at your situation and put it in perspective... do I 'need' it? .. or is it just a want... what will be the 'balancing' factor of my actions. And I've just never been able to wrap my mind around the idea that you can kill someone, ruin a persons life, rape .. even a child, and then IF you are sorry and take God into your heart or go to confession .. it's all wiped clean, all forgiven.. heaven is that'ah way.

As for the Kabbahla I too would be interesting in a summary as I really know very little about it. I can sort of see a person mixing religions. For instance Santeria which is an Afro-Caribbean religion also incorporates elements of Catholicism, as does Vodou. Both actually believe in one God, with Orishas or Loa who were once human but are now Divine Spirits, much like Saints, which they are often paired with. I figure if you find some truth in a variety of places and can put them together so they feel right for you.. good enough. :)

2244 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Hey, Kelli
I started my post to Hello Kitty right after her correction but it took me awhile to do enough research to realize that I knew almost nothing about Kabbalah. I read up on it and I still know almost nothing.
I was raised Christian, United Methodist, and I tried a few others like Baptist and Episcopal, but they all, to me, seemed to have a certain arrogance that sat badly with me. It was likely just some of the other Christians I knew there and not really part of the religion (although there is that "hell" thing) but still. And I found it very hypocritical to sit there and promise to sin no more when I knew very well that I was going out and do the same things I'd done the week before.I've read the New Testament, of course, and the Gospels make a lot of sense but then you get Paul and his admonitions to converts and you lose me. Jesus said "I am the new covenant" which means that the old covenant, the covenant of Moses is no longer in effect. He also said "Love others as you love yourself" but very few people even try. And he said "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." and that is the basis of Wiccan belief also. I mean, how many people want to get hurt, right. So you can't go out and hurt other people if you don't want the same treatment. And if you think about it, both God and Goddess are the creators of the world and I'm not sure a divine spirit powerful enough to create an entire universe is going to care about gender.

And Snark, I'm sorry if this sounds like preaching to you. You don't have to read it and I'm not advocating one religion over another, I'm just trying to explain, to some people who have expressed interest, what I know about Wicca, Kabbalah, etc.

Go Sox

2244 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

old hollywood and the real hollywood lover, You might be surprised but I agree with you that it's wrong the way Madonna mocked her religion. I don't think you should make money making fun of anyone's religion since religious belief is a personal choice.

Go Sox

2244 days ago
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