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Potential McCain VP: Paris Is On Our Side

8/6/2008 5:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minnesota Gov. and rumored McCain VP front runner Tim Pawlenty has seen Paris' video and still believes she's leaning for his team. Did he not see the part where she called the Republican hopeful a "wrinkly white haired guy?"


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2235 days ago


PARIS"S EYELID IS GETTING WORSE!!!! I heard they cant do anything more for her. She looked really bad on that AD spoof. I feel sorry for her. For someone who's whole persona is about her looks...and now she looks a little deformed.

2235 days ago


What a flippin' IDIOT! She called McCain a "wrinkly old white-haired dude"! Really flattering! McCain is so pathetically grasping at straws, he doesn't know an insult when he hears one!! He just has to face the fact that Paris is getting more coverage than he is for the 1.4 million dollars he has already spent airing his Paris-bashing ad! Dope.

2235 days ago


Tim Pawlenty seems to say anything to get into the spotlight but WHY would he hitch his wagon to that flat chested airhead for??

2235 days ago


Paris will be old and wrinkly one day and we will be here to remind her of that and make another video for her. That McCain video had nothing to do with the celebrities themselves. The ad made reference to the point that Obama is acting like a celebrity rather than an experienced leader or president hopeful. It just goes to show the intelligence of the idiots who are upset and responding this way. It proves she has no brains.

2235 days ago


In the very beginning she said," I am not endorsing the Change Dude". or something to that effect. I took it right away as a non-obama girl.

2235 days ago


I really don't understand what all the hubub is about. Isint she on like minute 18 of her 15 minutes now? She she go back to making home movies except this time wear a eye patch over that tweaked little f'ed up eye of hers.

2235 days ago


She did not endorse any candidate. But she really got her jabs in at McAlzheimer's!! Comparing him to the Crypt Keeper...Thats Hot!!! Guess the whole McAlzheimer's group need Aricept and in bulk!!

2235 days ago


Senator John McCain doesn't care if Paris gets more coverage than he does. However, Paris needs to cover more with that bathing suit. She looks a little too chunky in the midregion for that bathing suit! Maybe she had one two many Big Macs with her old pal Bill Clinton. Let's face it Paris would be a horrible anything if people were to vote her into office. Her pushy mother made her do that. You think Paris is intelligent ? Please I saw her interview with Larry King, she's an idiot! McCain is merely was merely mocking Obama as being a dumb celebrity (which he is). McCain clearly is the man who should be President. I have yet to see anything brilliant about Obama. Even half the African American community don't think he is/or would not do enough for them, not too mention Obama is not "black" enough to some. Remember he has a white mother. Let Paris call McCain whatever she wants, he's a strong enough man to handle her and her Pushy PsychoMom!

2235 days ago


Pawlenty is just stupid. I think he only saw the part of video that mainstream media is showing. They don't have the guts to show the parts of McCain being the crypt keeper. McCain probably has not even seen any of it as he is too stupid to know how to get on the net.

2235 days ago


Paris is stupid and ugly and fat in that bathing suit! Paris's new nickname Chubboooo!

2235 days ago

Dave the pig    

11. She did not endorse any candidate. But she really got her jabs in at McAlzheimer's!! Comparing him to the Crypt Keeper...Thats Hot!!! Guess the whole McAlzheimer's group need Aricept and in bulk!!

Posted at 4:37PM on Aug 6th 2008 by UGGG!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bitch, go ahead and make fun - when you are lost and confused with the disease, I hope no one is there to save you!

2235 days ago


Chubboooo! - LMAO

2235 days ago


President John McCain!!!!!!!

2235 days ago


Britney and the Hiltons both gave money to the John McCain campaign before all the hype!!! Check your sponser list geezer!!

2235 days ago
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