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Potential McCain VP: Paris Is On Our Side

8/6/2008 5:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minnesota Gov. and rumored McCain VP front runner Tim Pawlenty has seen Paris' video and still believes she's leaning for his team. Did he not see the part where she called the Republican hopeful a "wrinkly white haired guy?"


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Most of you non Americans are bigger pukes than words can say. Last time I checked this was an American election not an international one. So STFU. In fact the more that certain countries( known for their arrogance, as well as their promiscuous lifestyle) back a certain candidate the more likely the American public will vote against him. lol. Too bad if some people don't like Pawlenty, he happens to represent the vast majority of Minnesotans who (outside of Mpls & ST Paul) happens to consist of mostly Conservative Democrats. Especially farmers. Of course I realise that farmers are looked down upon by elitist snobs, but as they provide the food we eat I personally think that they are pretty cool and are deserving of respect! Pawlenty is nothing like Bush except of course to narrow minded half-wits who automatically lump all Conservatives together, which I guess is a lot easier than actually doing any research , which requires using one's brain.
Oh and for the record Kathy Hilton is a Republican though being a fellow republican I'm loathe to admit to it. She and her husband Rick each made a donation to McCain's campaign. And the reason she is coming out NOW and claiming that the ad was a waste of money, is because she's simply trying to keep her daughters fading star out there.....much like the rest of us commenting here. The good news is, her 15 minutes of fame is almost up! LOL!!!
It's also hilarious to read the comments from so many idiots who seem to forget that the House and the Senate is controlled by .....DEMOCRATS!! And yet we still have all this crap going on in this country? And anyone who doesn't think that there are Democrats in bed with the oil tycoons in living in a fantasy world! There are just as many corrupt Democrats as there are corrupt Republicans. To say otherwise is the height of stupidity!! As one letter writer from Chicago pointed out in a different story about McCain, Obama has kept barely any of his campaign promises that he made to get elected in Illinois. As the saying goes, the best predictor of a persons future behavior is by looking at their past behavior. LOL!!

2243 days ago


BEWARE OF MCCAIN! The man has "short mans disease". He's got a short fuse and he'll ALWAYS choose to exaggerate the situation as a threat, he'll always prefer to choose conflict as his first response and every day you see in his performance and his quotes that he's always on the edge of anger, of losing it, of wanting to hit someone. The guy is one dangerous isolationist and doesn't represent anyone and doesn't act consciously, he has to be instructed and managed. You'll notice that his presentation is extremely scripted now. His speaches are so phony. The only way he can get by is to turn himself off, so now they've got him talking extra slow and walking slow and using very short sentence fragments. The party has understood that he's got to be reined in. Whoa! That's BIG TROUBLE there! There's been a complete character change and that's only going to lead to screwups and explosions. That's not Presidential material at all.

2241 days ago
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