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"Million Dollar" Holmes

8/17/2008 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Million Dollar Listing's" man-shagadelic real estate douche bag Chad Rogers (left) -- and former actress turned Scientolomom Katie Holmes (right).
Chad Rogers and Katie Holmes
One of them sold their soul to the devil for money.

We're just sayin'!


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Katie -- Please give the money back and find your way back to earth.

2267 days ago


Even his hairstylist told him he looked like a mushroom. Its so bad looking that it funny to watch him as he primps and admires his "perfect hair" . he needs to stand back adn take a look at himself honestly . Thats teh uglyest hairdo ever and its just accentuates his bigger than normal nose by pointing all his hair towards it so all you see is nose nose and more nose. Get with it you think you are so stylish but you are not.
Ask your good buddy Mr hilton what he really thinks of your hair. Bet you he agrees with us. seriously ask a few people and you will see you the ONLY person on the world that thinks it look remotly good.

2267 days ago


Comments 1 thru 15 ARE OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY! Excellent work!!!! And TMZ, this is destined to go down as one of the classics, congratulations! Now as for the rest of you, 16 thru 28, you're a little mediocre though at times you do show great potential. :O

2267 days ago


I caught this kids show on Bravo the other night when he refused to let the stylist give him a "better do"...and then used a can of hairspray to hold it perfectly in place. ROFL! And weren't Kathy and Rick Hilton just too uppity?? Gawd!

This kid obviously has some serious self esteem issues and needs counselling .

2267 days ago

BOEING 787    

Chad Rodgers should have an number eight on the top left of his head or stick shift
numbers or letters on top of his head lol.

Katie has changed a lot since her Dawson's Creek days eg. she looks forty and she is totally
owned (clothing, independence of thought, decisions, friends, Cruise controlled acting) and it shows.

BTW if your are thirty and if you are a successful real estate agent making millions and you got
that funky haircut, go for it, he is practically a self made man and a go-getter.

2267 days ago


Katie is rapidly losing her hair AND her breasts. I'm expecting any day now that she's be sporting a big ol' set of buck teeth, so her transformation into becoming Tiny Tom is complete.

2267 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

One could use a brain and the other a nose job.

2267 days ago



2267 days ago


MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, TMZ calling him a total douche. I caught Million Dollar Listing or whatever it's called for the first time yesterday, and the first moment my eyes caught that horrible Donald Trump hairdo, I muttered 'douche'. Because I didn't catch his last name and was curious is that stupid haircut was for real, I Googled 'chad douche', nothing came up but it wouldn't surprise me if it did. This guy is the epitome of DOUCH.

The only viable reason for that atrocity on his head is that he figures bad press at least gets him noticed, and that that horrendous wreck on his head will keep people talking about him for days. In that regard, it's a brilliant move. I'd rather deal with an agent whose reputation was based on merit though, and not on their hideous taste in hair styles.

That said, he needs to read TMZ everytime that buffoon Donald Trump is mentioned. Trump could go on a murder spree, kill the president, take his head and stuff it in a freezer and the astute TMZ readers will only comment on the real crime---his hair.

2267 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Good Grief, he's prettier than she is! That's just wrong.

Go Sox

2267 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Oh , now i get it . THE HAIR , is supposed to be reckoning back to the middle ages , wherre's his chainmail ? I seen this painting once of a boy in the dark ages who had hair JUST LIKE THAT ! This guy is seriously delusional, he thinks he's PRINCE VALIANT < omg,

2267 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Except , in the DARK AGES they didn't have HAIRSPRAY . Will someone please tell him he's gay ?

2267 days ago


Have you seen him coif that homo hairdo? He sprays so much hairspray on it, it's a wonder it moves! He needs a SERIOUS makeover and nosejob if he's serious about his profession. He is 30 something in age too but likes to work his "high school" look. Maybe he's looking for a Sugar Daddy! Get a grip on reality dude and get over yourself. You look immature and out of touch with the times.

2267 days ago

brazen weep    

The term DOUCHE has never been more appropriately applied.

Not only does he act like a total loser (I wonder how many times he had his ass kicked in school), but that haircut is a total joke. I love how it's so precious to him but meanwhile, it's the most unflattering thing ever. How could he not realize what a tool he looks and acts like?!?! How could anyone actually buy something like real estate from someone like this?! I wouldn't even buy an apple from this dork.

2267 days ago


Geez! This guy had better be the best citizen this world has to offer. If he goes to prison he's going to be someone's b***h before they take his fingerprints.

2267 days ago
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