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Fat Lady Still Trapped Inside 70 Pound Boy

8/19/2008 5:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He weighs as much as Pavarotti's calf muscle (RIP), but the little kid who blew our minds (and our eardrums) with his freakish operatic ability is back -- and this time he's droppin' an entire verse!


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Wow! Impressive! I'll give him a record deal!

2257 days ago

Medical Girl    

Oh man, that is weird in a really creepy way. Is this kid an idiot savant or something. Who is the pupeteer behind him? That just totally weirded me out. Totally.

2257 days ago



2257 days ago

northern gypsy    

i'm not a opera refreshing to see him chipping away at the" fat lady sings" market...

2257 days ago


All I could say is
And puppeteer....hahahhaha that was funny!

2257 days ago


That is such a fabricated, false sound obvious to anyone with any vocal performance background. To me this is a child making noise in a funny voice, nothing more.

2257 days ago


Can he produce more than those 4 pitches?
Pressed, trapped, and will cause major vocal problems for himself if he doesn't get some proper training.

2257 days ago


Well REALLY CREEPY, I thought it was beautiful! I think the man behind him was probably his father. Some people can find something wrong with anything and everything! Jeez!

2257 days ago


Horrible. Ugh.

2257 days ago

rogue trader    

The kid is lip singing........

2257 days ago


The only thing that makes this interesting is that the kid is Black since opera is something few Blacks probably even bother to listen to. And Whites only listen to in order to appear cultured. Opera is BORING! In any case, it's obvious the kid is lip syncing and the man behind him is making those freakish sounds. It sounds like opera alright. Bad opera!

2257 days ago

Anyone can make those noises    

Like the guy above said, I thought this was TMZ... that place for CELEBRITIES and other FAMOUS PEOPLE.
Who is this kid?
Is anyone actually impressed by what he is doing? That is nothing to praise or for him to be proud of.
He's just a kid singing 4 or 5 notes in a funny voice... nothing more, nothing less.
There is nothing special about what he is doing.

And to Victoria C, why don't you leave race out of this??? Black or white has nothing to do with this video clip.
I like how you say "FEW" blacks listen to Opera. (which is probably true) And yet you say "WHITES" only listen to appear cultured. (not "few whites"... you make the statement for ALL whites)
How ignorant you are, Victoria. Where do you think Opera comes from? It's from "white" countries.
You must be one of those people who call any light skinned American a "white" person.
I've got news for you... the majority of "white" people in America are of European descent.
Do you know who Luciano Pavarotti was? I'll give you a clue. He wasn't "black" or from Africa.

Once again, this little kid is the farthest thing from a savant or a talented Opera singer. Anyone else who says otherwise has no real vocal experience or knowledge whatsoever. Stop pretending that you do.

2257 days ago

john wayne gacy    

does he also play the mouth
harp and the male organ ?

2257 days ago


Thanks for making me look up Bantam and improve my vocabulary

2257 days ago

Mrs. H    

I agree with Belle...sounds like he is manipulating his pharyngeal structures (vocal cords and surrounding muscles/cartilage) to generate this voice. It's vocal misuse/abuse and can lead to tissue damage/vocal nodules. Makes my throat hurt!

2257 days ago
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