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Britney's Unbeweaveable Adventure

8/23/2008 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the love of weaves everywhere -- someone needs to introduce Britney to the Posh bob. Quick.


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So much Money and nothing in the head aaaa sorry on the head. I need give the girl a break. I think she isn't ready to start her Job at now.

2215 days ago


i heard she was getting in shape. hahahahaha Look at them fat arms and fat neck. her head is 2x normal. She ain't never goona be nothing but a size 10. In ten years imagine the fat cells on that body.

2215 days ago


she makes over 750k/month in royalties. I doubt that she cares what you dumb jealous haters think.....she still ranks quite high on Google searches and will attract viewers to whatever media she chooses to grace herself upon.... her weave looks quite ok compared to the balled head

2215 days ago


I don"t get what the whole "weave" thing. Is something wrong with real hair?

2215 days ago


Her hair is falling out. She has thin hair and is going to be bald. She better cut short and stop bleaching it so that her head and scalp can heal.

2215 days ago


Kelli, she got spastic and shaved her head a while hasn't had time to grow back to length yet.....haters just want to pick on her and TMZ needs reason to post about her to attract page hits

2215 days ago


If she needs a new hairdo, whty not put her in touch with Amy Winehouse?

Britney would look great in a phony-looking giant beehive. She could even dye it to match her bleached hair.

And, unfortunately, it's true that all these years of bleaching her hair blond has caused it to thin and start falling out. But a beehive would fix that problem, for shure!

2215 days ago


Weaves and extensions are the worst thing for her hair...she should just suck it up and let it grow out with the help of a decent wig or hat and try not to screw it up even more than she already has..shaving it was probably the best thing to do.

2215 days ago


2. i heard she was getting in shape. hahahahaha Look at them fat arms and fat neck. her head is 2x normal. She ain't never goona be nothing but a size 10. In ten years imagine the fat cells on that body.

Posted at 2:22PM on Aug 23rd 2008 by bulldogi

I was gonna call you a DOG...But i happen to love dogs and you're in my opinion way lower then any snake! Britney has made some huge mistakes and yeah gained a few pounds...But least she is trying to get herself back in shape ( she looks great) and she is trying to become a better person period. I bet you out weigh britney by 200 pounds and have made even bigger mistakes then she! You're just jealous that you could never be as small as a damn size 10! Size 10 is not big! I don't give a damn what anyone says! Long as you don't have big blubber rolls on your body and look healthy many sizes can look good and indeed be sexy! Bulldog go crawl back into your pen.

2215 days ago


Crakka, I know that, it was well over a year ago. Like Pookie says, she really better lay off the bleach and try some conditioner. It does look fried!

2215 days ago


Brit, yor hair is long enough now to get a decent cut and get away from the weave.

2215 days ago


Britney with good hair would be like Matthew Mcconaughey with chest hair. Ain't going to happen, so why worry about it?

2215 days ago


Ummm, I'm not seeing "fat arms and fat neck". But, whatever. You are ridiculous.

2215 days ago


dude yall.. i love her.. she is the BEST mom... just know that...

2215 days ago


i think ya'll should leave her alone... atleast she is tryin but cant for everyone putting her down for every little thing!!! i respect her more now than i did before kids... cuz she didnt mind being real how many celbs when they get preggo get fat and not be ashamed well she is one of the first that i saw!!!

2215 days ago
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