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Shawn Johnson -- The Worm Turns

8/23/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you raged at us after we saw a certain similarity between Shawn and Topo Gigio.
Launch emails
We posted some of your vitriolic emails, and then, suddenly, the tide turned! You saw our point.

So which is it? Were we heinous, or do we have a point?


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TMZ Fraternity    

This girl is a sluttly lill rat face..hahaha

2229 days ago


Give kids a break TMZ! It is funny though..

2229 days ago


Funny but please TMZ.....This baby does not deserve this.......Use your mainstream celebrities.


2229 days ago


SNL backed off Chelsey Clinton until she was of legal age, Britons backed off the royal kids until they were of legal age, but leave it to TMZ in the good ol US of A to bash one of their own underaged gold medal olympians. If you want me to say - Good for you - it was funny, you'll have to wait until.............mmm......never! Simply a classless act.

2229 days ago


you will vote for Obama if:

1.You are weak minded
2. You are looking for a savior to make it all better
3. You heard on TV that he was popular
4. You watch infomercials and buy whatever they sell
5. You are a racist
6. You are uneducated
7. You want free stuff, money and welfare
8.You want to lose the war to end the war.
9.You hate America
10. You are not informed.
Just say Nobama unless you want to live in a country that panders, and apologizes to terrorists and enemies.

Posted at 12:19PM on Aug 23rd 2008 by Make the right choice

2229 days ago


After YOU saw a similarity? That's not what Will Lee said on TMZ TV a few days ago... give the reader who submitted the idea some credit, you douche bags!

2229 days ago

Josh Best    

Wow still trying to save your reputation (do you have one worth saving?). Beat this to the ground, I dont think any tide has turned you guys still are tackless and tasteless.

2229 days ago


Gawker was right in their article recently about Harvey Levin driving
TMZ into the ground. A story about Shawn Johnson and Topo Gigio?
Seriously guys?

No wonder Gillian and Alan have both departed. Look at the crap you
report on... but I guess Harvey is set in his editorial ways, which
in turn is producing low staff morale. So sad. TMZ had a lot of

According to Alexa, your website traffic is in the gutter too... way
down from a few months ago.

AOL should sell off this entity while it still can. What really hurt
you guys was the debut of TMZ TV in Sept. '07... that was a big mistake.

2229 days ago


Topo Gigio is an adorable little mouse. I loved him when I was a kid. Are there are videos of him around? Then people would see just how adorable that little mouse character is. The problem, I think, was in calling cute little Topo a rat, which he's not. That made it sound like it was meant as an insult and what I think caused the uproar in the first place. I don't think it's funny. The word I'd have used was a "cute" comparison.

2229 days ago


Shawn Johnson is ADORABLE and so is the cute little mouse :)

2229 days ago


To everyone sticking up for the mouse.......remember.....TMZ called it a "RAT"!?!?!

2229 days ago


Geez people, lighten up. TMZ meant no dis-respect. They're just having fun!
I'm sure Shawn wasn't offended by it. Besides, Topo Gigio is cute, so is she.
I LOVE TMZ, you guys rock!

2229 days ago


I'm Kay, but I'm not the loud-mouth Kay TMZ showed in the emails. I think Shawn is amazing, cute, and a terrific rep for the USA. Topo is cute and happy, too. What's the problem? I think TMZ should ask Shawn for a comment on this one.

2229 days ago


why pick on kids, aren't there many celebs you can pick on. There shoulders can hold more. Hey how about pics of yourselves and animals you look like. That would be funny.

2229 days ago


Wow, you guys are really milking this one aren't you? Quiet weekend for stalking?

2229 days ago
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