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Mel -- Responsible for All the Screwballs in World

8/24/2008 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yeah, Britney Spears got help from her daddy. But we're thinkin' the head shaving, pap dating, crotch flashing popwreck is back to looking (and acting) like a good girl because of the magical healing powers of Mel Gibson.


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Big Bear    

Do not think that losing 50 pounds and wearing makeup will help with the underlying condition. Britney may look better on the outside but the same crazy person lies beneath all the glam.

2259 days ago


Mel's a tool.

2259 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

It just merely means that her dad keeps a tight leash! Even with that, she still looks like a completely dirty slob that dresses like a cheap trailer park whore must dress like! She can't even comb her rat's nest or take a bath on a daily basis! Nothing more than a well polished turd!

2259 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Yeah she my be getting better but this statement will be a set back if she sees it. Picking on the ill, sounds like something Perez Hilton would do. Oh wait he didnt , you did

2259 days ago


You can't help someone who doesn't want help. He's no Messiah if you use Britney for an example!

2259 days ago


Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. But Mel is a Dad who has 5 kids and I've never heard of any of them in trouble. I think it's cool that he reached out to Britany and her Father and gave them some help, advise and a nice va-ca from the relentless pap's. Nobody wanted to see the things that were happening with Britney as she was spiraling downward and behaving more and more erratic. And at her worst moments she got no respect from the paparazzi and they never backed off even for a second, Flashing those f-ing lightbulbs in her face like strobe lights and yelling at her. All for the money for a picture. Forget the fact that this young girl is in trouble and is crumbling before our eyes. Just follow and hound her like the rats they are. No, Mel really did a nice thing for Britany and it shows the kind of man he is to reach out and help someone that he saw was in obvious pain. Your'e a good man, Mel. All the best to you and yours luv. And Brit, you're looking wonderful and happy and focused and I can't wait to see you on the VMA's. Your'e gonna rock the house girl!
Hugs to all.

2259 days ago


Another case of TMZ photographers having nothing but a photo and spin up a story based on absolutely nothing. Not a shred of valid storyline there. I hope TMZ isn't actually paying any of your illegal alien photographer paps, because half of them aren't worth the time, and the spin writers don't have much imagination. Geez, what dullards!

2259 days ago


Amazing how the emails have a tendency to just not appear..... guess we must refer to this as alternating spam control. Every once and awhile the spam control perks up and say's hey we'll just grab that one. Or, it is possible that it never made it out.. wonder why.. Good thing I still have a good memory for what I wrote.. Let's see, it was a suggestion that maybe Mell could wander down to the TMZ Office's and spread him Magic over the Staff, recreating them into human beings, that actually have hearts and souls.. Wow, Miracles never seize...

2259 days ago


Actually I think Mel has 7 kids.

Love you Mel!

2259 days ago


well said dee

2259 days ago


They do their best, they do what they can
They get them ready for Vietnam

From old Hanoi to East Berlin
Commando - involved again

They do their best, they do what they can
They get them ready for Vietnam

First rule is: The laws of Germany
Second rule is: Be nice to mommy
Third rule is: Don't talk to commies
Fourth rule is: Eat kosher salamis

2258 days ago


Racist, bigot, homophobe HAS BEEN!

2258 days ago

Knock It Off    

Now it,s Britney that is going to start all the wars in the world.

2258 days ago


What kind of shirt does he have on? It's cool.

2255 days ago

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