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Cracked Under Pressure

8/25/2008 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a whole lotta crack-a-lackin' going on in Hollywood -- superstars go from being on top of the world, then almost instantly, they plummet to rock bottom. It happens way too often -- click here and check it out for yourself.


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personally, I hope she makes it to the other side, I like her music

2217 days ago


Amy Winehouse will be dead in a few years. It's so sad to see her looking so awful now when she was so pretty before.

2217 days ago

hell with them all    

She might have a nice voice but the REST of her has to go! Let's face it folks is this what you want to take home to visit your Mom and Dad. Unless Dad get's alittle from the SPOOK in the back yard and lives to tell us.

2217 days ago


Ya know, its really sad. People like Amy Winehouse who were once such and attractive individuals have thrown everything away for a good high. Its pathetic and a waste of good talent.

2217 days ago


I had never actually seen a picture of Amy Winehouse from her early days, and I'm quite shocked at how pretty she was. I really hope she gets back to her "normal" self, but that's entirely up to her....I also believe we will see her pass way before her time.

2217 days ago


I look like a fat Amy Winehouse.

2217 days ago


OMG Amy used to be pretty?

2217 days ago

I think...ummm...    

Wow, Amy was really a pretty girl...This is a perfect "Say No to Drugs" picture. She looks like walking death. A previous writer stated that she/he wished she would get back to her former self, but they believe that she will pass away before long. I agree. It seems as though she istrying to kill herself. Suicide is mostly done in private, but sometimes the tendecies want to be made public. I think this girl is publicly committing suicide. I really hope her family intervenes quickly or they will be planning a funeral.

2217 days ago


This is the sad brutal truth of drug addiction. Look under "Faces of Meth" on the internet. It's tragic, the pull that drugs has for so many that the only thing in their lives that matters is that next high. Unless Amy Winehouse gets serious rehab (long-term, inpatient, 12 steps) she'll be dead in less than five years. As evidenced by these pictures, her body is already dying.

2217 days ago


KELLI, Thanks for that extra special glimpse into your life.

2217 days ago

Joe Mama    

i didnt realize it but amy looks hot in the before pic.... obviously. i hope she can get back on track like britney is trying to do.

2217 days ago


Obviously the girl has BIG issues with the drugs and booze! I don't think she'll ever straighten up. Her beautfil looks are long gone. She looks like death warmed over.

2217 days ago


Winehouse used to look reasonably normal, with some natural light in her eyes. She's looked like some lizard from HELL for at least a year now. Her body is now disgustingly poisoned and out of condition. The tragedy is that the option to choose another manner of behavior is out there for her to grasp and take control of her own being. But I highly doubt there's anyone around her who is anything but a degenerate and Amy is only encouraged to stay with the gang, where losers love company and don't want to be reminded of their own cowardice. Hey Amy, there's no music in a toilet and that's what your life is doing, spinning down on the rinse cycle because your mind and your friends are weak. Have a tall glass of vegetable juice and get to a health food store tomorrow for a complete overhaul. Do it and report back here by 9pm tomorrow at the latest. Start eating lots of salmon.

2217 days ago


I had no idea that Amy was pretty before.... what a shame.

2216 days ago

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