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Sam to LiLo Dad -- Pity the Fool

8/28/2008 7:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's dad is taking some heavy blows ... from LiLo's non-GF GF Samantha Ronson.

He's been attacking her in the media, planting the seed that she might write a tell-all about Lindz. But on her MySpace blog, she slaps back, calling him "desperate," addicted to fame, and saying, "I am not the reason that he has no contact with his daughter." And yet another thing we already knew about MiLo: He's a Lindsay freeloader.

"I'm just sorry that she likes me more than him," writes Sam.

Seinfeld –- There's Nothing Wrong with Me

It's not like he jacked a marble rye from some old lady.

Jerry Seinfeld says all he's doing is being a funnyman and, in his responses to a defamation suit, just doing what he does best. In court papers filed in his case with Missy Lapine, the woman who says Jerry's wife stole her cookbook, Jerry claims he didn't slam Lapine, he just made some jokes about her.

Lapine hit Seinfeld with a slander suit after he called her a "wacko" and "mentally unhinged" on David Letterman's show.

Daddy's Little Girl Dings O.J.

Arnelle Simpson is a smart woman.

She biffed her dad O.J. during an argument over the murderer's girlfriend, according to the New York Daily News. "Arnelle had a fight with Christie over Christie's behavior. That's what started the whole thing," said the source. The News source says Arnelle then called 911 "in a fit of guilt" after pushing her dad and giving him a minor head injury.

Cops got to the scene; unclear if anyone was arrested.

Party Favors: Young Jeezy Tastes Chicken ... Tony's Boy Does Soho

TMZ spies spotted rapper Young Jeezy preparing for his concert the other night in NYC at Phlliippe Chow being sated on the satay. ... Robert Iler -- AJ Soprano, of course -- was out on the roof of Soho House in NYC.


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awwwww, like father like daughter. Keep all sharp objects locked up OJ.

2157 days ago


Lindsay is an adult and can make her own lifestyle choices, right or wrong, and Sam is right about her dad.

Seinfeld is making excuses, not jokes. The joke is that his ugly, grabby wife has him by the balls.

As for OJ - DNA, anyone?

2157 days ago



2157 days ago


Simpson's daughter Arnelle has to be over 30 by now!
she's an adult-hopefully with a good education and a good job of her own
so she doesn't go through life known only as the daughter of an infamous man

if she choses to be involved in dad's 3 ring circus of a life then "que sera, sera" as they say
whatever happens, happens more or less
and usually when it's involving her father it isn't positive

sad she chooses to sink a little to his level
hope this has shown her that a little distance is sometimes a good thing

2157 days ago


I'd do Sam Ronson and Lilo and probably Lilo's Mom and Sis.Rich people SUCK!

2157 days ago


You know that song - it's cheaper to keep her -- hindsight is 20/20 but I'm sure if OJ had to live his life over again he would not have divorced Marguerite and kept Nicole on the side. I feel sorry for the family.

2157 days ago


who's the old man with the dyed blonde hair that's always hunched over, that's always with lindsay?

2157 days ago


1) Lindsay and Sam. Enouogh already of tehse two twisted, insignificant whores.

2) I never understood, and still don't, why people find Jerry Seinfeld amusing. Had it not been for Julia, Michael adn Jason, he would have no show. They were the comedic talent on that show, Jerry was just filler.

2157 days ago


O.J.??? You must truly be desperate TMZ if you have to do a story on O.J. Simpson.

Pretty pathetic guys.

2157 days ago


Youth is wasted on the young and money is wasted on the ignorant, talentless, arrogant, self-absorbed. (Celebs, politicians, etc.)

2157 days ago


Like father like daughter! OJ raised her to be just like him...I hope he's proud of her!

2157 days ago

jill g    

The only news I ever want to read about OJ is his obituary. Jill

2157 days ago


You tell em Sam. I tell ya, I can't wait until you marry Lindsay. Then, when you make love to her and get her pregnant I want you to know that the world will be waiting for Lindsay to go into labor and have her beautiful child........WAIT A MINUTE..........ONLY A MAN CAN GET LINDSAY PREGNANT..........never mind.

2157 days ago


Well it appears the apples really don't fall far from the tree.

2157 days ago

Freddie la    

Did any of you happen to notice that OJ was found to be not guilty? Who cares about the civil suite her in laws will never see any of that money. Get over your racist comments and move on with your lives he is, and I'll bet he gets off of this chage too (LOL).

2157 days ago
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