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Duchovny -- So That's What the X Stands For

8/29/2008 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Duchovny has had just a little too much Californication.

The actor says he's entered rehab for sex addiction. "I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction. I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family," he says in a statement.

Duchovny is married to actress Tea Leoni, and the couple has two children.


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poppin fresh    

mulder say it isnt so...tea must be bummed she didnt get all th lovins ..but then he had so much to give

2254 days ago

that's NASTY    


2254 days ago


I don't understand a press release for this situation. If someone found out he did it, then say "this is what I'm here for, and I would like privacy at this time for my family". But to announce through the media you have a sex addiction? Very bizarre.

2254 days ago


We've all seen what his wife looks like...I'd be addicted to sex (not with the wife) too.

2254 days ago


Romalove, the reason there was a press release I'm thinking, is because someone, aka the media or tabloids, has some evidence he was messing around and it's probably about to come out. He prepped Tea, they possibly worked it out but the photos or whatever are about to be released for all to see. I may be wrong but that's what I'm feeling.

2254 days ago


Always thought that he can't act worth a damn, and now I find out he's a jerk. Tea Leoni? I wouldn't cheat on her for any reason. He isn't even good looking, the rat. Talk about too much money and fame going to the wrong person... And I agree with romalove, if you want privacy, you don't make an annoucement about what you're up to. It's pretty pathetic that not-so-all-that celebrities resort to scandal to boost their careers, figuring any publicity is good publicity. Hell of a culture we live in.

2254 days ago


romalove, my thoughts exactly!!! Why tell and then want us to respect the family's privacy????/ Did we need to know this in the first place? We don't hear that much about this guy in the first place, why now??? So he likes to fug, so what and probably watch some porn, who cares!!!!

2254 days ago


It kills me how people call it " SEX ADDICTION" Like he has this disease! He doesn't have a disease...what it it boils down to is people are too perverted these days and many need to say off the computer! Daivd got this way because that's probably all he put into his mind. People are way too over sexed and #uc$ed up in the head anymore. Scary world we live in:( I'm not saying david is a bad guy or anything. I loved him in the Xfiles...i'm just talking about the label sex addiction in general. And yeah i think if i was him i would have made sure this did not get into the media....HOW EMBARRASSING!

2254 days ago


Get a blood test Tea. He's probably done everyone with a pulse.

2254 days ago

More important!    

Hope it's not child pornography. Otherwise why mention the sexual part, just say rehab.

2254 days ago


heard on the radio this morning that the Enquirer is printing the story so he decided to do a preemptive announcement

probably a smart thing to do

feel bad for Tea that this means he probably has been unfaithful all along

Michael Douglas admitted the same thing years ago-hope he has conquered this and is now faithful to Catharine Zeta-Jones

It has nothing to do with the woman they are with-it is all about their addiction

Hope people respect Tea and the children enough not to follow them everywhere looking for a comment

2254 days ago


my first reaction was "why is this filed under weird and wacky?"

The fact is sex addiction is a very real and serious problem. Not only is the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases there, and that many people can be hurt, it usually indicates the person is missing something big in their life, and suffering deeply. Everything may look great on the outside but lacking severely on the inside. When fantasy and orgasm endorphins take time away from real life is when it becomes a problem. It doesn't always mean cheating. There is a tendency to not be able to deal with real issues, such as being gay in SOME cases. There are lots of reasons people want to escape into lives driven by sex - none of them pay off. Perhaps after doing his show and playing a sex addict the reality got to him and he decided not only to deal with it but, to make it public so it might make other people aware of this very real problem. Perhaps he got caught cruising for sex? I'm sure the media will make sure we find out.

I wish him great success in recovery.

2253 days ago


Just the term "sex addiction" makes no sense to me. Most people (I assume) enjoy sex but it's not heroin or coke. Does this mean he's an adulterer?

2253 days ago


Can you say "time for castration"?

2253 days ago


I have always thought he was seXXXy! I read somewhere in the internet that he was hung huge, so if it was on the net it must be true! If you watch XFiles , check out his box, there is something going on down there!!!!

2253 days ago
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