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That's a Lot of Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs

8/30/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey GreammerIs that "Frasier" money not enough?

Already making some serious TV syndication coin, Kelsey Grammer stands to make a cool $6 mil off a house he just bought a year ago!

According to the LA Times, Grammer has listed an English Country-style estate in Holmby Hills for $19.9 million. He bought the house last summer for $13.7 mil.

You would think his wife Camille's notorious IBS would drive the price down, not up. To each their own.


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Healthy Profit

2210 days ago


what does IBS stand for?

2210 days ago


I am so tired of people bad mouthing IBS. If you have never had it its horrible. I have had it for 10 yrs and there are days I was so sick that I prayed to die. It is a "REAL" serious problem so please stop bad mouthing something you know nothing about. You never know what its like unless you walk a mile in someone elses shoes......

2210 days ago


How much money do people need? In this economy, with people struggling, it is especially disgusting.

At least he made his original money off of a tasteful, smart show unlike others (can you say Two and a Half Men)

2210 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

The market is very weak right now. He'd be lucky to get what he paid for it. If I were him, I'd sit on it until things got better. In this market, you shouldn't sell unless you really have to or are made to. It's common wishful thinking that people have that they should get more for a house than what they paid for it. If he's in no rush, he can list it as high as he wants, he'll just have a long wait, or a shockingly low counter offer.

2210 days ago

Prince of Bel Air    

I suffered for years with IBS before seeking treatment. Anyone with IBS should contact this UCLA organization that specializes in the treatment of IBS:
I participated in the mind/body study and have been symptom free for over a year.

2210 days ago

Robert Twynham    

I can think of no other word to describe my feelings concerning the price of the house to which you refer.
The word iis OBSCENE.
Someone above my letter used the word DISGUSTING.... I concur, but I think the word I used is stronger. In American English, the word obscene is often used to describe pornography---from the Greek words for PROSTITUTE and DRAWING or WRITING.... The coupling of those two words BARELY----but aptly---describe the amount of money spent in this country for things so outrageously expensive.. As said above----there are SO MANY PEOPLE in our country who sleep under cardboard boxes ---
and tarpaulins in the winter---HOW---would I ask---do people JUSTIFY this in view of the American poor---to say nothing of the remainder of the world's poor.? This-truly---is OBSCENE!
I hope our new Presidential leader will see a possible remedy for the situation,and convince our American people that SELFISHNESS is the root of poverty and WARS are the result of POVERTY..
C.F. The French Revolution-----etc.

2210 days ago

Robert Twynham    


AS you requested, I posted my comments. they were never recorded----at least I never saw them if they were
Next time, I won't be so quick ro answer---WHAT'S THE POINT?

2210 days ago


What the hell does his wife's IBS have to do with this story? You go out of your way to denigrate someone because of a really disabling disease. I am sick and tired of the lack of civility and respect in our nations discourse.

2209 days ago


It would be virtually impossible at this time for Kelsey to make a profit on an L.A. home he bought last year. He has either spent at least 6 million remodeling it, or it will sit on the market at this price. Home prices have declined 20-25% in the last year in L.A. Celebs can ask top dollar, but it doesn't mean they'll get it.

2209 days ago

Al Baby    

IBS sucks f anyone who makes fun of it

2209 days ago


This site has no class and can be funny, which is why I visit it at times. Your inclusion of his wife's problem, however, is really shameless. You struggle to find interesting things to put up, now that all the whores have either gone to rehab, or gone underground with their antics, and in the process have made some really crass decisions in an effort to keep us coming back. The reality is, some of these people are jerks and their issues are funny/interesting, but adding someone's (embarrassing/private) health problem as an wanton aside is just mean. Mean doesn't keep people coming Harvey, it keeps them away.

2208 days ago

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