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Brit Throws Us a Curve

9/1/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only labor Britney Spears has been involved in over the last few years involves child birth. Nonetheless, she kicked back at Bare, the pool at the Mirage in Las Vegas, to celebrate. And she looks gooood. So we ask...


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She looks great! Bring on the fat jokes, know it is coming.

2208 days ago


Yeah, people were calling her fat not long ago. Geez if this is fat... ( after havin 2 kids back to back) Plz let me have her body! Like i said before the people who posted that crap about her probably barely fit into their computer chairs. WTG brit! Make a huge come back girl and be positive:) Love ya!! Your friend NoWay * Wicked Grins*

2208 days ago


she is following k-fed around. isn't he in vegas with shar? me thinks brit brit is going back for seconds with her baby daddy. would save her a bundle of $$$$$.

2208 days ago


Not to be mean, but Britney has the life. It's a vacation practically every weekend. I'm a mom too, and my last vacation was 2 yrs. ago. But then again, I'm not Briney. Every mom needs to get away, but it seems to be a lot easier when you only have your kids part-time. Ah, the life of a star. My babies are crying. Let me go back to my "real" world. Britney's world is a fantasy-world that most of us will never understand.

2208 days ago


I am happy for her. She represents a survivor of mental issues. Not trying to be funny, just saying I have seen a family member break down and it was like her THEN only you guys were stalking her. I am so glad, she looks healthy and happy. Kudos to her family.

2208 days ago

d to the izzle    

Hey, look at Pam Anderson. She still looks pretty hot, and she's DISEASED!!!!

2208 days ago


Even on her best day she is 25 pounds too fat. This girl will never be small. She must accept her FAT genes.

2208 days ago


Looks have got nothing to do with it. She has the life. Kids too much, pass them off, work too much, forget it. Laying in the sun getting waited on hand and foot, about all she can handle these days. At least she has the money (so far) to pull it off. Must be nice to have no responsibilities whatsoever. Just say you're nuts, and all goes your way.

2208 days ago

spread the love    

please...she may have lost her drug weight, but she still has that thick neck and those thick thighs....she has a gymnast build with breast implants....big deal. she is a stupid lip syncher with widely spaced eyes. i can step outside and 80% of the girls that walk through SOHO blow her away.

maybe i am a litlle cranky having to work on labor day ;-) but TMZ really needs to stop shoving britney down our throat. she is not good looking, she is not skinny, she is not talented as an entertainer. she was a mouseketeer...get over it.

2208 days ago


Do we really care? I mean she is washed can only take out white trash on Monday's and Thursday....go to school or somethihg with you life Britney, you day in the sun is over....quote: 14-40 you need your looks, 41-60 you need your personality, 60+ you need cash...and since your not a smart gal, or have an excellent personality, I believe that the "fall back" career should be in place.

good luck

2208 days ago


Dirty feet no talent wh@re----baby giveaway b!t@h.

2208 days ago


Spears is still fat, she still has thunder thighs and always will be chunky. This whole new "healthy Britney" is just a PR stunt to restart her career. Lets also not forget that she has a very nasty, greasy used crotch as we all saw in the famous crotch shots. Trailer trash stay trailer trash.

2208 days ago


(running around in circles... screeeeemmming)

OMG!! OMG!! Where Are Her Kids??!
OMG!! I Dont See The Kids!! Are They On The Boat??!
How Come She's On A Vacation Without Her Kids??!
OMG!! OMG!! She Should Be With Her Kids!! OMG!!

( Just flipping the KFed freak out we usually read, when he's seen enjoying "kid free time" )

2208 days ago


What the heck are you guys smoking over there at TMZ? She looks good? Wow! No fat jabs here just an observation by someone who is not in Brit's back pocket. TMZ must have a pretty good deal with her to feign such grandeur when, obviously, this trainwreck looks like a 50 year old bag lady. Too bad she would rather hang out in Vegas than spend quality time with her KIDS! Save your $ dear has-been, you'll need it for all of the therapy those kids will need.

2208 days ago


Please file this under "Hot Vegas", as well.

Thanks, guys.

John @ AOL.

2208 days ago
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