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Diddy -- If You Diddn't Hate Him Already...

9/1/2008 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What a breathtaking moron. While most of America is struggling to make ends meet, Diddy is seriously acting like he has made the supreme sacrifice -- flying commercial. He acts as if this should make front page news...his wish is our command.


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Al Gore is that you?

2208 days ago

Not too surprised    

What a whiny little bitch. Must be on the rag.

2208 days ago


"It's a hard knock life" on the video image is actually a line from a Jay-Z song, not Diddy.

2208 days ago


This is the dumbest m-f'r. what a supreme tool. and a disgustingly massive ego. who gives a crap about this loser? and he's flying commercial because he's a broke-ass bitch!

2208 days ago


He should have been born with an, "OFF" switch on his back!!

2208 days ago

jenna elich    

Turning mo and mo into a N every video he makes and every mtv appearance he shows up for-he seems to forget hes a MAN not a little punk anymore in the ghetto -he made this video about mccain and picking palin-he sounds like rev al sharpton mixed with lil wayne

N* classless-im so glad j LO dumped his ass

2208 days ago


Are we supposed to feel sorry for him now? Oh the horror of it all. Seriously, what an ass.

2208 days ago


Only in this country...could an absolute idiot of this magnitude ...rise to the position that he has. God Bless America

2208 days ago

jenna elich    

he acts like he has nothing better to do lately then make videos dissin ppl-is he mental like brit was? um wheres the white jacket

2208 days ago

jenna elich    

i think wel see him going bankrupt and homeless like ed mcmahon soon

um ever believe in karma diddy ? ur TUPID and give blacks a bad name
u think ud wana represent blacks in a good manner? u r ghetto
rich but still ghetto
rich doesnt last not for morons-ur day will come my friend :)

2208 days ago


#5 you're an idiot. It's just a saying of a rap saying, it doesn't have to be from him. I guess in your mind, they should have said," Diddy's been around the world, and igh igh igh, gas prices are high igh igh."

Secondly, he's just being a little self-deprecating I think. Maybe not. I mean what did it used to be for a round trip of failed auditions? $100K. He probably just got humbled after dressing up in 3 piece suits, sipping Dom and ego-tripping at $20,000/hour, just to come to LA and leave without any acting jobs. Then he thinks, maybe another album...nah, I stink, than Jamie Foxx gets up in his head and says," boy, it sure got in here....I really don't, need to be up here do I..."

2208 days ago


oh my mother effin ....."as you all know i own my own jet, but gas prices are to high and i can't keep payin $250k everytime."

Oh blow it up the ass. What is it a 21 million dollar jet you own? While we suffer to fill our SUV's and regular cars with fuel this chump is whining about fueling his jet?!?!?

Sell your jet try living like the regular people do, oh forgot celebs livin large don't remember the average days

2208 days ago


Shut the hell up, already, moron.

2208 days ago

truthfully yours    

What an ignorant gangsta. Just because millions of ghetto kids have bought his records, he thinks what he has to say or do is of interest to anyone? He is an uneducated thug, who has been lucky in life. The higher they go, the harder they fall. It will probably happen eventually. I heard he thinks his Arab "brothers" should give him a "deal" on gas!!!!

2208 days ago


SJC: American Airlines? Coach? I'm lucky if I don't have to put gas or groceries on my credit card this month. You will always be entertaining. Inspirational and a facet for change? This video is a little of a setback. Go Coach for a whole year or drive yourself from NY to LA and video-blog that. I want to be blown away by your vision and not by your self-appreciation.

2208 days ago
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