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Carville to Palin: I Got Your Tail Number

9/2/2008 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several of us here at the Zed laughed our asses off last night, when Congresswoman Michele Bachmann defended Sarah Palin's credentials in what can only be described as a soft ball out of the park -- for James Carville. It even cracked Larry King up.


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Funny that the folks at the 'Zed' think selling the airplane of a governor (of Alaska none the less) is a knee slapper. Just begs the question: what on earth did the former governor of Alaska need an airplane for?? I mean it's not like it's Hawaii or nothing. What does the governor of, say, Nevada fly? Or does every governor have their own plane?

2243 days ago

Not Sure Yet    

Sara Palin did not SELL the plane on E-Bay. After it didn't sell there, she unloaded it in a private sale. The price paid for it by the state of Alaska was about 2.4 million dollars. It went for about 2.1 million dollars, for a LOSS of about 3 million dollars. On one of their recent stops, John McCain stated that "she SOLD it on E-Bay, and at a PROFIT!!!" Love the spin they continue to put on that story!
And of course, the Bridge to Nowhere story isn't quite right, either... she was all for it when she was campaigning for the governor's office. Changed her mind when she found out that it wasn't being well recieved. But of, course, she doesn't quite say it that way now... and she KEPT the MONEY earmarked specifically for that. That should have been given back to the American taxpayers ( wee all paid for that, not just Alaskans.) She will be very forceful for what SHE has an interest in... but what about what the American public wants???

2241 days ago


As a registered Democrat, and black, I was caught up in the Obama hype. But as time went on...after thousands of news clips...a million photo shots...tons of dizzy-minded eighteen year-olds cheering for change with Obama (mommy and daddy are taking care of them, for crying out loud. What do they know?) ...things have changed for me...especially after REALLY listining to the man. Same old political BS. Because of Palin, I will be pulling the lever for McCain. Not so much that I like's because I like Palin. Yeah, a mom...Christian...gun toter...but REAL. Stands up for what she really believes, as opposed to the normal, everyday politics we normally get every election year. I am impressed with the fact that she flat-out says "This is what I am about...take it or leave it". I like that in any's called integrity. Yeah, she has flaws, and the ones I have heard about are petty, but at least I'm secure in the fact that she is not butt-slamming with convicted terrorists, and racists pretending to preach the Word of God. If it comes down to being president, she will have a staff of advisers to help make decisions. This, my brothers and sisters, is the REAL change we've been looking for.

2241 days ago


They have like 4 things shes done and one of them is ebay acutions...see we can all run for vp !

2235 days ago
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