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Carville to Palin: I Got Your Tail Number

9/2/2008 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several of us here at the Zed laughed our asses off last night, when Congresswoman Michele Bachmann defended Sarah Palin's credentials in what can only be described as a soft ball out of the park -- for James Carville. It even cracked Larry King up.


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Party 'till you die!    

Joanie, you had me at 'wide stance of in her knees'! Awesome!

2240 days ago


Whores in the White Houseare nothing new of couse.

But never in the history of this country have we had an unmarried 17 year old pregnant whore occupy the White House.
Brought to US courtesy of the Religious Right.

2240 days ago


@14. yeah the republicans are out WORKING alright. WORKING towards screwing up another eight years!

2240 days ago


Ebay should run commercials now saying - Sell your items on our site and you too may be elected for VP and if you sell two large items you may just be elected - President. SNL could use this as a great skit.

What a mess this all is - God help us all...

2240 days ago


Neither FoxNews nor this lady are doing any good in backing up Palin's experience.

2240 days ago


Oh snap. I was waiting for McCain to pick Mitt Romney.
Then we could have made fun of Mitt's magical Mormon underwear and his latent polygamist leanings.

2240 days ago


To make even Larry King laugh was priceless LOL!

2240 days ago


Palin is an idiot!
This whole mess could have been avoided by giving Bristol good sex education and handing her a box of condoms.

Do we really want this woman and her dysfunctional rightwing family in the White House?
Methinks not.

2240 days ago


Palin's daughter is off limits, just as AL GORE'S SON WAS OFF LIMITS WHEN HE WAS DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF COCAINE OR OTHER DRUGS ON PUBLIC STREETS PUTTING THE PUBLIC IN DANGER. The glaring difference is this. The liberal press hid the gore dangerous actions with only a day of minor defense of gore by claiming family privacy and they are in full attack mode on Palin and her daughter. WOW, what a difference. What a difference indeed. Lets talk about Gore's son for a week or so and check out ALL THE MINOR DETAILS. Now which is more dangerous. A Gore driving under the influence in a public street or a Palin's daughter doing what the liberals love SO MUCH, immoral sex.

2240 days ago


Libs should watch what they say about her, pissing off women is not a good thing.

2240 days ago


This is a reply for tierdofhtebs, You're an idiot!! No wonder our country is in the state that it is. I'm sure you are one of the out of touch idiots who voted for George Bush not once but twice, and we all see what good that did us. Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee because he is "qualified" for the job not because he is black. I too am an African-American and it is ignorant idiots like your self that tend to embarass me as a black person. Hillary didn't win for a reason. Accept that and get over it. Who cares what color Barack is, he is the best candidate for the job. Palin is nothing more than an hypocrite. How funny it is that someone who voted against sex education in the classroom and promotes abstinence now has a 17 year old daughter who is knocked up and preparing for a shot gun wedding. Maybe she should have given a couple of sex ed, abstinence is best lectures in her own home. And one more thing, as a black person you don't speak for me so shut the hell up!

2240 days ago


another mother who only wants a career over family.

2240 days ago


the decent thing to do would be to step out of the race.....................but we know how decent she is.

2240 days ago


I watched this "live" last night - it was awesome!! OMG, she looked like such a total idiot!!

2240 days ago


""Sarah Palin's daughter has a wide stance in her knees!!! The mother is rabidly anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-sex ed, and looky where it got her with her daughter. And note this, Republicans -- a 17 year old slut is NOT off limits when her mother wants to be VP.""

Note to the Democrat called Joanie, Barack Obama's mother gave birth to him when she was 18. I guess she was a slut too right? So even though shes passed on, lets plaster her photo all over the news and call her a slut. Since according to your logic, she's not off limits when her son wants to be President......

2240 days ago
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