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When a Man Slaps a Woman -- The Indian Edition

9/3/2008 7:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All hell broke loose on an Indian game show when a male contestant got slapped by a woman -- and then fired back!

It all went down on a show called "Dadagiri" -- the self-proclaimed meanest show on TV -- one that involves contestants who have to recreate the first day of college ... bullies and all. The woman in the video is Isha the Goddess -- her job is to insult the contestants. When she cussed out and then slapped one of the contestants, dude reached back and slapped her in the face -- HARD.

She took it like a man, he cried like a bitch -- and then the entire crew proceeded to beat his whiny ass.

That's about all we know at this point -- more details to come ... hopefully.


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Frank Davis    

Girl ought not to play the part if she can't take it. Good for him. Shame on the lame crew.

2220 days ago


Can't wait until this one makes it to the American TV screen. What a stupid looking show!!

2220 days ago


they guys defending himself the b deserves to get hit back what's the problem. You hit someone your going to get it back.

2220 days ago


Slap me.. ill slap you back...... Do on to others...............

2220 days ago


Not generally in favor of hitting women....but good lord did that bitch have it coming.

2220 days ago


I can't say that I blame him................this is why I live in America!

2220 days ago


It was one thing when I thought she was some girlfriend of his that he slighted in some way, but what right does the host of the show have to slap a contestant? She deserved to get slapped back. I'm sure he wasn't expecting that which is why he keeps yelling, "how could she slap me?" I bet you she will think twice about slapping a stranger in the future.

2220 days ago

HELL TO DA NAW!!!!!    

OMG....He slaped the hell outta her..but hey she asked for it!!

And we cant say they dont want to learn english....they know the word dirty bastard very well!

We should be proud! God Bless The USA!!

2220 days ago


He was standing there and she slapped him for no reason. He slaps back and gets beaten up by 10 guys. She deserved it. If I was him, I would be filing assault charges on all of them including the witch that started it.

2220 days ago


Wow. She totally had it coming. LOL @ how she was shocked that he hit her back. What did she expect?

2220 days ago


I am not for hitting women but serves her right. If you want to administer an ass kicking you'd better be prepared to take one. Bottom line, everyone should keep his/her hands to themselves.

2220 days ago


I wish I was there.. that was awesome.

2220 days ago


The premise of the game show is that you're being bullied. The woman who was slapped (some idiots think deservedly) is supposed to be a mega queen b*tch BULLY. Yes, the object is for her to behave like a BULLY. The contenstants know she's abusive, along with the four other hosts, when they enter the game.

For the guy to freak out was moronic. Obviously, he didn't win. He knew he was going to be slapped, morons! He knew he wasn't going to be hit hard, and that he wasn't supposed to hit her back. So, no, she didn't "deserve" the little hamster acting like a five year old girl.

*eye roll*

2220 days ago


He should have been a man about it and not hit a women. But I have the same question. How can she get away with slapping him?

2220 days ago


Women are really like that..they annoy u and think its normal..when u heat them back......the men will surfer..Bitches Dont go to India....

2220 days ago
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