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McConaughey: Grab Your Baby by the Horns

9/4/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you've been searching for a way to brainwash your small child into going to the University of Texas -- Matthew McConaughey's got you covered.
Matthew McConaughey: Click to listen!
We've put our sweaty mitts on some awesome audio outtakes from Matty's voice-over work on Baby Longhorn -- which is a clever video aimed at helping your kids to learn colors, letters and the location of the school they'll be forced to attend.


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Party 'till you die!    

At least it sounds like he has a plan for his kid(s) to go and get a higher education. What's so damn horrible about that?

2242 days ago


I couldnt even listen to the whole thing, that was the dumbest thing i've ever heard. And I am a MM fan. His movies at least, not sure about the real person now ... weirdo...... no kid is going to care who he is or about the school. Thats purely for the parents. Anyone dumb enough to buy it.

2242 days ago


go mm, teach your children well! now, that is what i call advance prep for a higher education. far better than the dopey crotch-grabbing, desperately-concocted faux "traditions" indoctrination the aggies give theirs. hook 'em.

2242 days ago


Is this really news? These are cute dvds.

2242 days ago


#1 and #3 are right on. I guess some people actually have plans for their kids education. Cant start early enough in putting in their heads that they are to go to college. I wonder what it would be like to introduce to a high schooler that they aer to go to college if they have never been told that is expected of them? Ha ha. Just like teaching them at a very young age about things like drugs, bad words, being nice, sex etc. START YOUNG!!! I do have to say MM is a little off on his school though. GIG EM AGGIES!!! WHOOP!!

2242 days ago


i used to live by A&M and they are idiots. UT is a much better school. and in case noone noticed at least he is being responsible and trying to be a good dad. sometimes we dont give kids enough credit. just because they cant understand all of what you say or speak back doesnt mean it wont be effective. not to mention UT is one of the best damn colleges around.

2242 days ago


better than being an "aggie" lol

2242 days ago


texgirl, lol AGGIES RULE!!! Love MM though, very cute dvd.

2242 days ago


Hook 'em HORNS!!!!!!

2242 days ago


Texas sucks! Go Sooners!!

2242 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

oh god! what a weirdo. no wonder he never talks to the cameras when they run into him prancing his huge c?ock around town...

2242 days ago


Longhorns SUCK! Does anyone actually believe McConaugay's kid will make it out of Jr. High? That kid's NEVER going to college, not even a community college.

2242 days ago


YOU SUCK AuntFlo. Longhorns are the best and you're right, he probably won't go to college b/c he won't need to.

2242 days ago

King Beef    

This turd makes me embarassed to live in Austin.

I don't care if I've lived in Austin for the past 30 years either... F**k UT.

2242 days ago

Later dude    

This was so damn stupid that I couldn't listen to the whole thing..M M is such an idiot, why does tmz keep reminding me?

2242 days ago
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