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Joe Biden -- Sit Happens

9/10/2008 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Veep wannabe Joe Biden asked a fellow pol to stand up and be recognized. The only problem was, the poor guy couldn't. Literally.

Joe Biden


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yeah that's our Senator, here in DE we're pretty used to this stuff, he's done great things, but the man always winds up saying/doing the dumbest stuff.

2181 days ago


Biden likes to stick his foot up peoples asses, but you can always on count on him to stick his foot in his mouth. Wait and see, the closer to November, the more he will screw up and the less they will allow him out in public. Can't wait for him and the "HOTTIE" to have their debate. Joe will lose it completely.

2181 days ago


what a schmuck... Biden comes off like a used car salesman.

2181 days ago


Yikes.. embarrassing. Still, he covered for it very quickly, and, surprisingly coherently.

2181 days ago

Bill NM    

Obama says he wants change - then selects this egomaniacal blowhard that has been in the Senate forever. Biden is pathetic!

2181 days ago


Biden is a tool.

2181 days ago


I think he did fine. He recognized his mistake, admitted he was new, then went down to shake his hand. It's classy. Better than anything most politicians would have done.

2181 days ago


Can't stand him. I was rooting for Obama but now he has lost my vote. Change????... Same old DC CRAP!!!

2181 days ago


LOL.. this was the biggest mistake the BO camp made in choosing Biden for his VP.

2181 days ago

N. Stevens    

Bill NM says it all. This is the ticket for change? Biden.... change? I feel like I broke a law just for saying it on the same line. If Obama loses this election, not choosing Clinton will go down as one of the biggest political blunders in history. If they win, the election will most likely be VERY close, it will go down as one of the biggest hickups in political history. I just wonder what the Clinton's are thinking right now. Well, we know what Bill is thinking about... but Hillary, could she be thinking about 2012 yet? The Palin pick made Conservatives happy, made the treasurer for the McCain camp thrilled and made the Clinton smile just a bit. Maybe a little, "I told ya so?!?"

2181 days ago

Old Enough    

McCain is a LIAR and Sarah Palin is a LIAR and a THIEF. In fact most of the McCain campaign is a lie.

According to’s truth-o-meter, McCain has made 46 barely true (20) false (22) or pants on fire (4) claims as opposed to Obama who has ZERO pants on fire claims 18 false claims and 12 barely true claims.

Barak Obama’s plan calls for cutting taxes for couples making less than $250,000.00 and singles making less than $200,000 a year and eliminating taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 yet McCain claims that Obama wants to increase taxes.

Palin’s LIE: Palin claimed to have killed the “Bridge to Nowhere” but that has been proven untrue. Congress actually killed it but still gave Alaska the ear marked money for Palin to spend.

Palin’s THEFT: Palin claimed over 300 days of Per Diem as Governor for days spent in her own home with her own family. That is stealing from the Alaskan people.

Everyone needs to be checking out and before believing the things that either party have to say. Once you’ve done that then and only than can you form an informed opinion. Based on what I’ve read. McCain and Palin are liars and she’s a thief. Once you’ve checked the facts I think you too will see the same thing that I see.

2181 days ago


What a pair... first tell anyone in a wheel chair to stand up... and then the lipstick comment.... just the people to put into office.
if you want the country to go to war with everyone... just what they didn't want....

2181 days ago


What an idiot. Chuck Graham isn't any saint either. Got a DUI in Columbia in Oct 07 when he crashed his car.
You would think he would learn. He was 16 when he got into an accident that put him in the wheelchair. Of course
back then, if he was drunk or just a reckless teenager, no one knows. My parents live in his district, he's a joke, but
because Columbia has so many liberals, he keeps getting elected. Well, he'll be term limited out in a couple years.

2181 days ago


I'm surprised you guys even noticed a liberal made a misstep. Can I actually say I'm "proud" of you TMZ??? As long as you get both sides, we're all with you! Equal opportunity offender! LOL!

2181 days ago


That isn't as bad as when he bragged about beating Steven Hawking at tennis.

2181 days ago
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