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Harry Potter Casts Off Regis?!

9/23/2008 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Radcliffe was acting like he was all wrapped up in an invisibility cloak yesterday in NYC, because the dude refused to even acknowledge the Hollywood legend he just happened to be walking next to. The guy created the term "Pappers" for God's sake!
Daniel & Regis: Click to watch
Apparently, Hogwarts doesn't offer a class on "respecting one's elders!"


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Get well soon Regis!

2187 days ago


You know, I hope the guy is just shy because he is coming across as pretty self-absorbed. Of course, he may not realize who Regis Philbin is...

2187 days ago


I'd cut the young man some slack. He generally ignores the paps and probably didn't understand what they were saying.

2187 days ago

Bella Bleu    

.. He didn't even realize "Regis" was next to him. There was no snub. TMZ you are so full of drama!

2187 days ago


How many American kids would know Cilla Black or Jonathon Ross? Believe it or not, Americans c-list TV isn't a mainstay in British culture. Doubtful Daniel even knows who the daytime chatter is.

2187 days ago


There was no snub, neither wanted to be bothered...hahaha

2187 days ago


Just because TMZ got snubbed doesn't mean Regis got

2187 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Maybe he was just thinking of something else and didn't even notice Regis. If he was thinking about a his current part or a role he'd been offered, he probably wouldn't have noticed a pink elephant walking next to him. I'm sure he's used to ignoring the paps by now. eople who insist on putting a negative interpretation on everything are extremely annoying and self-centered. Just because you would have fallen all over yourselves because you saw a celebrity doesn't mean most of us do. If I saw Regis Philbin on the street and really believed it was him and not someone who looked like him, I mifght give him a friendly nod but I certainly wouldn't interrupt his day like a fanboy.

Go Sox

2187 days ago


Im so glad that most of your readers's not Regis he's ignoring you idiots.

2187 days ago


he's got a set of earphones in his ears. he probably just doesn't want to deal with anybody on the streets. give him kudos, at least he doesn't gallivant around with a ring of bodyguards, and does his own shopping...

2187 days ago


You people make drama out of NOTHING.
I hope one day you realize just how ashamed of yourselves you should be.

2187 days ago


He didn't snub Regis! He was just minding his own business, unlike the losers on the street chasing people with cameras!!!

2187 days ago


"HARRY POTTER" out of professional courtesy and in the best interests of his career should clear up misunderstandings of these sorts. Child actors like "Daniel Radcliffe" are a dime a dozen and replacable , duplicatable , and are in no way responsible for the success of the projects they are lucky enough to be included in by "MAJOR FINANCIAL PLAYERS" in the entertainment industry. Daniel Radcliffe while likable enough is not a entertainment icon like Regis and few ever will be.

2187 days ago


I can tell you right now that I know ZERO television personalities that hail from London, and even if I did, I doubt I would recognize them if I was walking down the street there, I don't think Daniel was subbing, just lost in the sights ans in trying to avoid the pappa. I think he is a very respectable young man from what I have read and seen.

2187 days ago


Please capitalize "G" in "God" :]

2187 days ago
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