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Forget AVN Award, We Smell Oscar!

10/3/2008 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We don't read a lot of porn here at TMZ -- but when the folks at Hustler decided to slip us a sneak peek of their Sarah Palin parody porn, we just had to check it out ... and it's actually pretty funny. You betcha!
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#23 Tell it to the Fox Network because the rest of the media in this country are in the bag for Obama. I totally agree with what you have said and give you alot of credit for saying so. People in this country are so blinded by his "sweet talk" and Bush hating comments and promises that they are following him just like the "Pied Piper of Hamlin". I just hope and pray if he does win the election, he doesn't show up for his swearing in with a turban on his head and a copy of the Koran.

2212 days ago


All you dumb bimbos need to get a grip. They've been making pornos about every 'newsworthy' presidential race. Just do a search for 'The Florida Erection' ;)

2212 days ago


Geez. I hate the McCain/Palin ticket, and quite franky, the idea she could possibly be in charge of our country scares the living daylights out of me. But this is seriously disgusting. How disrespectful. How come no matter how much a woman achieves, she is till valued sexually first and foremost? No matter the woman's views or intellect, no woman deserves this level of disrespect.

2212 days ago


Nice comments. You talk about not attacking below the belt with Palin, but yet you would like to trash Obama in the same breath. Don't be hypocrites!!!

2212 days ago


lmao @ # 19. Thinking Sarah Palin is not a politician. That is probably the dumbest comment so far. She was a mayor, then a governor. Guess what? That's a politician.

2212 days ago


racist at alll Ivey? Time to get back to your evangelical sunday school. Thanks for playng!

2212 days ago


I'll watch the Palin porno when they make one about Obama.

2212 days ago

Amazing T!    

The sad truth is that I would have to assume the porno star had a passport before Palin did.

2212 days ago


If they make a Hussein Obama porno, it will be gay porno....complete with a gay crack smoking orgy.

2212 days ago


The porn industry does this type of stuff all of the time. There was a game a few years ago, a porn game, that featured Bill Clinton having sex with random girls. When Tipper Gore was running around trying to censor everything, the porn industry and the music industry had a lot of fun at her expense, and she's a liberal. There's no favoritism here, they just go after those they think deserve it.

In a way, Obama is kind of boring when it comes to gossip and drama. When Bill Clinton was out there, he always had something going on. If it wasn't Gennifer Flowers, it was Lewinsky, if it wasn't Lewinsky, it was the chick with the huge nose, if it wasn't one of the women, it was his wacko brother, if it wasn't his brother, it was the whole "I did not inhale" line. Hhe was a good president, and we actually had a surplus rather than a deficit at the time. But he was always getting himself in trouble, and it was amusing.

2212 days ago


Free speech baby! You can parody anybody you want.
We Americans do it with foreign political leaders and love it-but poke fun at our own politicians via porno> Nope.
Your sons,daughters,husbands,wives are putting their lives on the line,shedding blood so we can have the right to do this.
Don't like it? Cuba's looking for more residents enjoy your flight and don't come back.

I may dislike stuff thats created but I defend to the death a persons right to say it in a free non close minded
society of America.

2212 days ago

blues fan    

Umm, no, Yadda, I assure you, the reason "everyone's talking" about Palin is not because she's more qualified than Obama. On the contrary, her annoying little folk-isms (you betcha; dogginit; hey, kin I call ya Joe? et al) practically BEG to be parodied, and her recent incoherent and decidedly UN-Presidential ramblings, misstatements and non-answers in the Couric interviews have nationally-respected Conservative journalists such as George Will and Kathleen Parker calling for her to find a way to step down gracefully and let a truly qualified candidate replace her. While she didn't shame herself in last night's debate, she did not answer many of the important questions that came her way, instead trying to pull a little smoke-and-mirrors maneuver by getting back to a topic with which she felt comfortable -- ahd what was the winking business about? People don't lampoon Obama the way they do Palin because he doesn't lend himself to such material: he's dignified, well-spoken, calm, refined, highly-intelligent and scholarly. She's -- well, even her sister said the Fey parody was spot-on.

2212 days ago


Looks like Fox News or some other conservative website posted a link to this TMZ story. Surely, there's no other reason why all of these Republican idiots would be visiting TMZ.

Why wouldn't they come to TMZ? Because most of them have no clue what's going on in current pop culture, because they like what others tell them to like, just like they do with their political choices. Enjoy your country music and backward small town living, folks.

Go back to Fox News and Drudge, and pretend that McCain and Palin have a chance to win in November.

2212 days ago


I don't care about this, or any other corny porn movie. What I DO care about is paying $9.75 at a theater and seeing a piece of garbage that got great reviews.

2212 days ago

john johnson    

i just hope mr.markus plays the part of obama, and ron jeremy plays the part of general betrayus, lol.

2212 days ago
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