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Nancy Reagan: The Tripper

10/4/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Old people are so cute, and Nancy Reagan was such a class act outside Jessica Nail Salon that we almost didn't notice when she nearly ate pavement. Almost.


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I love this lady!! What a class act!!!!

2213 days ago


I think it's terrible that your TMZ paparazzi threw questions at Nancy Reagan. If they want to film her as she exits a nail salon, fine, but don't be asking her about the Governator smoking pot and how she had her nails done and if she's going to watch the debate. She was obviously having a hard time hearing the questions and an even harder time walking without assistance. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge TMZ fan, but seriously, show just a little bit of class when you're filming the widow of a former President of the United States.

2213 days ago


Class act?? That's TMZ, picking on the elderly, dead, anyone who is defenseless!!!

2213 days ago


She has class. TMZ, keep in my that what you dish out now will come back to you (as in when you're old).

2213 days ago


She still gets out and about. Good for her!

2213 days ago


She is a wonderful lady!

Why could the Pap not pay her any respect and call her Mrs. Reagan? I just find it disrespectful to call her by her first name. Is it just me?

2213 days ago


My thoughts exactly as I watched, that the person taking the video should have shown respect and called her Mrs. Regan, instead of referring to her as Nancy, that was very rude and disrespctful!!!!

2213 days ago

JoAnn Miller    

Are you kidding me, french manicure or acrylics? Have you no respect for anyone. Calling her Nancy like she is your best friend. You people are pathetic.

2213 days ago


TMZ... do set some boundaries for people off limits.

2213 days ago


She's a very classy lady. And TMZ was just plain wrong to bother her. Obviously she's in public and pictures can be taken, but the lady is old and should have been left alone. You just don't treat old people like that.

2213 days ago


Yeah, comparing her to dead people is much more classy, Judy.

2213 days ago

Tom in San Diego    

Mrs. Reagan reflects and embodies what is great about America. Your article on the "The Tripper" does just the opposite.

2213 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

You guys have no class and no shame.

2213 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I am a Democrat. I never liked Ronald and Nancy Regan's policy, presidency, etc.
HOWEVER, this is not some Hollyweird young , foolish ,spike heel wearing pop tart drunk drugged wanna be model/actress. COME ON!! If the paps were there taking pics of whoever came out of this Hollywood salon, fine. Take a pic. BUT THIS WOMAN WAS ABOUT TO EAT THE PAVEMET!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!IThe paps should have helped this woman get into her car as soon as they noticed it was her. She, Nancy Reagan, is not just anybody. She is former First Lady of The Untied States of America. You all here know that ,but TMZ does not. I would hope that you, TMZ, and anyonehere , if they saw anyone old would help and look at the m'about t oeat the pavement.". Where was her assistant? Her driver? Eat the pavement, I did not and cannot look at the vid. WTF are you talking about? This woman ,old lady, could have fallen down, busted her mouth open, broke her jaw, broke a hip, lost teeth, broke her nose, got a concussion, busted her forehead open, and died ,and you , TMZ,talk about her almost eating the pavement.My dad fell in the garage and died a weeks after. hHe bled internally .

2213 days ago


TMZ - show some freakin respect and leave Mrs Reagan alone.

2213 days ago
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