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Palin: Hockey Moms Raping Our Troops!

10/8/2008 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Okay, Sarah Palin didn't actually say that, but thanks to the magic of the Internets ... she kinda did. Sorta.

A website called PALINdrome has diced up all of mavericky maverick Sarah Palin's speeches, and given all you Joe Six-Packs the power to make Sarah say whatever your sick little heart desires.

Just because Palin can't put her words together good doesn't mean you can't put her words together not good too. Confusing? You betcha!

NOTE: The site may load a little darn slow now due to all the extra traffic.


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TMZ...pretty pathetic.

Thankfully we can't count you as journalists or we'd have to assume you were just one more of the ever so tolerant, open minded, peace loving left that we see daily in the media...

Stick to entertainment news! I come to TMZ to get away from all the political CRAP that bombards us...

2169 days ago


Smearing this fine, hard working wife and mother will only bite all you dopes in the ass.

2169 days ago


thats hilarious!!!!!!

2169 days ago


If we conservatives did this with a website about Nobama, there would be hell to pay from the looney left. Will they never learn? Obviously not, they still think they know what's best for all of us. Guess what? YOU DON'T!

2169 days ago


No Mrsmal...if conservatives did this sort of thing they'd be racist. haven't you heard? Everyone can be ripped apart but the messiah because he is half black, and if you don't like him then you are a racist!

(of course, every racist I know would love to see Condolezza Rice running for the POTUS .)

2169 days ago

NOT an Obama Mama    

She certainly can string words better than Obama, whose sentences are filled with uhs-ums-huhs and the like.

Stay away from politics TMZ.

2169 days ago


they should make one about obama... actually that might be waaayyy boring considering there would only be what, 7 words to choose from?

2169 days ago

The Truth    

Palin's 15 minutes of political fame is almost up. She cannot talk for herself, she cannot think or make a coherent sentence by herself. She is a joke, a political stunt to boost McCain. Not one intelligent person would ever, ever think she is qualified to be VP let alone the President.

She is a joke, will be a joke and will fade away as her political tool use is used up. Go on Sarah and keep parroting everything you are told even though it is lies and you are becoming more the fool then with each statement you make.

Palin the joke, and it’s sad cause you don’t get it.

2169 days ago

Suck it Republicans    

Less than one month until Obama becomes the next president. YES!

Election 2008 Obama McCain Spread
RCP National Average 49.0 43.9 Obama +5.1
Favorable Ratings +18.8 +11.1 Obama +7.7
Intrade Market Odds 73.5 26.4 -

Electoral College Obama McCain Spread
RCP Electoral Count 264 163 Obama +101
No Toss Up States 364 174 Obama +190

Battleground States Obama McCain Spread
Colorado 49.3 45.3 Obama +4.0
Ohio 48.9 44.9 Obama +4.0
Florida 48.3 45.3 Obama +3.0
Nevada 49.6 46.6 Obama +3.0
Missouri 47.8 47.5 Obama +0.3
Virginia 49.9 45.1 Obama +4.8

2169 days ago


Waits for the Republicans to hate on this article.

2169 days ago


I think TMZ needs to continue to take pictures of low life hollywood stars and film there unhappy lives and stay out of politics.

2169 days ago

Chuck suckit republicans...

I know this is probably your first election and I know that at your young age that being a liberal makes matter who wins the election..they won't president until January. Ok? it?

I added the umm's for the libs since that's what they are so used to listening when the messiah speaks...and umm....give those kids with wait...ummmmmmm......

2169 days ago

Not for Nothing    

Thank God in another month....this Gash!!! will be back in two won't remember her name.

2169 days ago


I will not vote for the McCain Palin ticket. But I will not denegrate a woman that has the guts and savvy to get ahead in the political world, even if she just remains the Gov. of Alaska. Part of the problem is that she is drop dead gorgeous and would'nt consider most of the stiffs that post here.

Human jealosy is an ugly thing. We get it, she's been used, Funny, I didn' t hear my phone ringing to come join John, I assume none of your's did either.

2169 days ago

Suck it Republicans    

Mr. libsmakemelaff

I am aware of when a president is sworn in and that in fact it used to be later than January, March I believe, because of the travel difficulties involved prior to modern transportation. However, if you actually read my comments carefully you can say that I said nothing factually incorrect. It depends on how you read it: In November Obama will become the next president. He will not yet be the president of course, but he will be the next one. My guess is you are too stupid to realize that though.

2169 days ago
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