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So What Was the Point of Rehab?

10/16/2008 3:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David DuchovnyDavid Duchovny and Tea Leoni announced they've been separated for months -- so why the hell did David just spend time in sex rehab?

All D.D.'s newfound freedom must have been too much for him to handle.


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Better standing in a custody hearing if she filed for divorce due to infidelity? That would be my guess as to the point of having gone to rehab. Or maybe he really had a problem, and he just wanted to get help.

2197 days ago


YIPPIE!!!! Don't get me wrong I feel bad for Tea and the kids but FOX MULDER IS BACK ON THE MARKET!!!

2197 days ago


The point of rehab was publicity.

2197 days ago


Kay, this all came out AFTER the x-files movie was released and as far as I'm aware David has nothing else in the pipeline. So what exactly was this "publicity" for? The person who left the first comment hit the nail on the head.

2197 days ago

Papa RoachSmurf    

Like she is going want to get the kids with Billy Bob around. Billy Bob doesn't want any kids interfering with his Monster's Ball. She is a stuck up snot and I am glad he is done with her.

2197 days ago


Hi LisaJane. I didn't mean publicity for a movie, I meant he was trying to get public support. People like him feed on the "love" of their fans.

2197 days ago

BJ Rocks    

he is an ass. Its just an excuse to fool around. Haha Sex addict get real idiot

2197 days ago


"People like him" You know him personally do you? Well as an X-files fan I can tell you we never stopped loving him. Sci-fi fans are the most loyal you'll ever find and I know David recieves thousands of loving letters from fans every day. Like I said, I think the first poster got it right - he did it for the kids.

2197 days ago


Any divorce is sad, but you know why he entered rehab? He needed to take some time off and rest from all that SEX he was having!!

2197 days ago


He was thinking with his ego and penis. The change of life hits men and women. Men try to prove they are still young, so he got press, lots of press, it fed his ego, and he will continue to think with his private parts. It is so funny, in the past few years, if you screw up, drink, accidents, drugs, cheat on your partner you don't have to take the blame, you go to rehabilitation. Someone please tell them they are not fooling anyone.

2197 days ago


Sex addiction is very real. Most people would rather eat nails than admit they have this problem. It can feel very shameful. There is effective treatment however. I commend him for getting help. I think he is a fine actor and hope to see more of him in the future.

2197 days ago

MJ RIP    

I figure he was just lonely and depressed without her.

2197 days ago


So he has a thing for porn. Big deal. There are worse things in the world to be addicted to. Just ask Amy Whino.

2197 days ago


USED to think he was attractive.

Now he's forever pathetic and slimy and used up

2197 days ago


It is a typical Tactic that a cheating spouse uses when preparing for divorce court. You convince your spouse that their normal sex drive, eating, drinking, smoking, reading, etc... is abnormal, you get them to go to counceling for it, then you bring it up in court saying "Look, this divorce is their fault, they're even in counceling for it! He went to sex addic rehab for looking at porn. Well, if his wife was sleeping with somebody else, no WONDER he was looking at porn. She convinced him to go into rehapb because he still wanted to sleep with his wife. It's a shame he didn't have ha lawyer in the family, they would have spotted that trick immediately.

2197 days ago
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