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Miley Manhandles Boytoy

10/17/2008 1:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we showed you Miley Cyrus' glotta-see-this moment with her model BF at a fashion show yesterday.

Turns out that the tongue-slippage didn't necessarily stop there: the New York Post says MiCy and Justin Gaston "were all over each other backstage" at the Christian Audigier show. In fact, they might've skipped the afterparty ... for "a party of their own."

Miley's rep says the "whole sleeping-over thing never happened" because mom Leticia put the kibosh on it.


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oh so young and oh so easy. Seriously what are her parents thinking... and shame on your Disney this is not the type of role model young girls need. I give her a year till she is preggers.

2167 days ago


TMZ...pease leave Miley alone. She's a good kid from a good family. Quit your rabble rousing and pick on someone else, preferrably not a kid...

2167 days ago


You need to reign in your daughter, "Billy from the 80's joke" She is fast on her way to becoming a whore. You love the fame she is bringing to you. Act like a normal person (seems impossible in Hollywood) and lock up your kid, a-hole.

2167 days ago


She is 15 he is 20. Why is he not in jail? Being on a tv show doesn't mean you get what you want. Being a spoiled brat does however. Here in Florida that boys life would be ruined and he would be listed as a life long sex offender.

2167 days ago


That tongue show just indicates what a little slut this wanabe kid is. Her parents don't seem to care because who in their right mind would let a 15 yr old be with a 20 yr old. And don't tell me she doesn't sleep over at the guy's house.

2166 days ago



Let me guess. You are an old, fat person. Why would you call a young girl a "little sllut?" She is delightful and you are jeaslous. Have another cheese ball.

Headed out for my run. Perhaps you should do the same.

2166 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Girls her age and younger have been having sex in Hollywood since before the light bulb was invented. I can't, however, imagine a bj from Miley with those chompers of hers, that's gotta hurt.

2166 days ago

a mom    

OMG!! Give it a rest!! Tmz even says "Miley's rep says the "whole sleeping-over thing never happened" because mom Leticia put the kibosh on it." And I'm so sure no other 15yr old in the world has kissed their boyfriend. Yep, she will be "preggers" within a yr. It scares me the kind of people who are in the world. And we wonder why humanity is in the shape it's in. Because of ignorant people, who have to say so much nasty evil things about a person they dont' know, and have never met. Yes, I'm sure you know what she is like and therefor have the right to judge her.

2166 days ago


She is just another Britney and is heading the same way.

2166 days ago


OMG ladyrider haven't you seen the "good girl's" skanky pics all over the internet. And before you say anything I'm a size 5 so no I'm not fat. Miley is a slut

2166 days ago


when miley is 18 !!!!

I WANT A B J !!!!!!

2166 days ago


If her mother Leticia is the "moral" police for this kid the kid's already in trouble. Mom was a groupie Billy Ray Cyrus was one of her last pick ups.

2166 days ago


Ever heard of a thing called fact checking? There are videos of the entire show backstage and Miley is nowhere to be seen, in fact Justin was even interviewed backstage. It's not like the cameras just disappeared all of a sudden so that Miley and Justin could get intimate.

The videos of Miley leaving with Tish and Brandi in a car also suggests that TMZ failed on its fact checking here. Well the NY Post really but TMZ more for actually believing something the NY Post writes.

2166 days ago


call the cops!

2166 days ago


Ignorant asses! It is NOT illegal for a 20 year old to date and kiss a 15 year old! He has done nothing to go to jail for that any of you know. All of you bad mouthing them are making assumptions based on no factual evidence! I could make the same assumptions about you people and say that the people making the nasty comments are all ugly, fat and jealous because they can't obtain a significant other... She is 15 and behaving in ways that most 15 year olds behave... I think most of you would be shocked to see how your daughters and young relatives behaved when you weren't looking!

2166 days ago
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