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Joy to Elisabeth - "I Will Burn You Down"

10/23/2008 4:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And you thought things got hot on-air at "The View."

Things got so nuclear, according to a report on Defamer, after the show yesterday, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were screaming at one another. It started with a Hasselbeck comment about Joy shilling her stand-up show on-air, prompting some back and forth yelling that ended with Joy telling Elisabeth to "f**k off."

A "View" rep says the story is "completely ridiculous and untrue."


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If Elisabeth can't stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen. Never liked her, never will.

2194 days ago


spread the wealth NOHOPE OBAMA

2194 days ago


Joy Baher is a b****!!!!!!Let's face it, none of the woman on the View like Elizabeth. Why, because she is a true REPUBLICAN and she stands up for what is right. I believe Joy Baher was one of those people who stated that if George Bush won the election 4 years ago she was going to move out of the United States. Why didn't you go along with Barbara Streisand, the Baldwin brothers and all the others.

Joy Baher said that Rush was a terriorist, well Obama is the missing terriorist cell.

Watch all of the attacks happen to the US if Obama gets into office. We are in a lot of trouble.

Elizabeth, please leave that show and move on to something better. You are a wonderful person with great qualities. You can do so much better with people who will appreciate you and not treat you like a piece of s***.

2194 days ago


Who cares? It is a ratings stunt.

2194 days ago



Kool-Aid drinking is a phrase used for those who follow blindly. It came out of the tragedy in Jonestown where the charismatic Jim Jones convinced 909 followers to drink cyanide laced Kool-Aid as a form of protest.

2194 days ago

Later dude    

Elizabeth ought to quit that show of liberal beyotches who won't let her express an opinion or get a word in edge wise. Barbara is an old ho bag, and the rest of those idiots are all has beens and no talents. I loved watching old Joy squirm when O'Reilly was on recently-she was speechless for once in her ugly life.Move on Elizabeth, you can do better than that sqawk fest.

2194 days ago


I say it's time for Joy to leave the show. She is a trouble making loser.

2194 days ago


Hey Jazz "We all know black people drink the most Kool-aid, so was this meant to be a racist statement?"

Could you cite your source for this blatantly bigoted statement?

2194 days ago


Get rid of Elizabeth, but then again look at all the publicity the View is getting
l like the comment where some one says the only point she has is at the top of her head!!!! lol lol

2194 days ago


Before I say my piece about Elisabeth, let me say that I think that the show would be more interesting if the panel was more evenly divided between liberal and conservative. I enjoy and learn more from hearing varying points of view. Having said that, I think Elisabeth has to go. Her comment about Joy drinking Obama kool-aid had me howling in outrage/laughter. Unlike Joy and Whoopie who, although they obviously support Obama, are not afraid to say when they disagree with him. Elisabeth on the other hand, is just a talking-points memorizer (which is probably why she loves/identifies with Palin so much). There's no intellect behinf her (many) words. She's just trying to make sure she gets invited to more White House functions. She's a stepford Republican and a lemming who would follow any Republican candiate regardless who they are. McCain was once honorable, and I believe he should have won in 2000 against Bush, but he is only a shell of who he was. He's an angry, bitter, desperate man who will say and do anything to win. His message in the past few weeks has been one of hate and divisiveness, which is the last thing this country needs right now.

2194 days ago

Joe Parro    

The show used to be fair on all topics now it is just a liberal promo show. I used to like Barbara, now I think she stinks. Joy is the worst. Get rid of Joy and keep Elizabeth and maybe the show will be real again. Joy has absolutely NO class and makes the show less than it could be.

2194 days ago

Bobby D.    

The economy is dying because major business leaders are headed for the bunkers. They don't want to deal with a redistribution Obamanation. All are planning huge cutback, read Jobs, and will try to ride out the storm. Overseas money is going elsewhere because money is smarter that Barack, money goes where it earns the most and high taxes are money's enemy.

Obama is a twisted soul. His life is a reaction to his being marginalized by rich whites at Harvard and everywhere else he tried to fit in. He was abandoned by his mother and left in a madrasa and that had to hurt a lot. His father was a total loser that showed the boy no consideration. He went to college named Barry and came out Barack, what does that tell you? Axe to grind?

Its reasonable to want change from what we've had but we don't all have to be reactionaries like Curious George.

2194 days ago


I have found that is even the smallest of settings people are getting into huge political fights over this election. HUGE. I have seen very good lifetime friends go crazy to the point that I think they may never speak again. It's just soooo over the top. Cool down. This is America and the right to vote is wonderful...but why can't we be civil in our choices? I mean look at Hillary and O'Bama slam each other and then love each other. I'm just sick of it all. Enjoy the political process, but good grief, get over it if someone thinks differently. I've just never seen such vengence.

2194 days ago


Elizabithc's racist self came out on Wednesday when she told Joy to "continue drinking Obama's KoolAid" I hate her!!!

2194 days ago


Elisabeth is the only one with a brain on the show. She is ganged up on everytime anything political is brought up. But then again look at the station she is on. Maybe she needs to move on, I bet Fox would find a place for her???????????

2194 days ago
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