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Captain America -- Black in Business

10/28/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a time where the next President might be an African-American, why can't the next Captain America be Black, too?
Susan Lucci: Click to watch
Susan Lucci was blindsided by a wannabe superhero last night outside Madeo -- but we doubt this dude could take on Red Skull without the Captain's indestructible shield ... and losing a few pounds.


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Susan needs to gain 10 pounds..Too skinny..She looks good but is Forever trying to be so sexy and young and perfect..She makes me very sick to my stomach..Susan go home to your family..Whats up with these middle aged super sex stars..They gotta have the SPOTLIGHT ALL THE TIME and prove to the World how SEXY they are...ME ME ME ITS all ALL about ME HELP..Enough

2186 days ago


#16... You are out of your mind. Opinions are like A$$holes...everyone has one, so I guess you are intitled to yours.

2186 days ago


I love Susan Lucci she has done great for herself, But I'm writting on the concept of altering cap do not get me wrong I have nothing against racial super heros I would love to see more and hope someday Marvel and dc and the rest would get their heads out of their ass and do the job and make those heros. But the Idea of always going back and altering already made character to fit the pc mold should be a slap in the face to all people in genreal.One it means they have abandon any real idea that true fans of those series have had and the men and woman who drew the series to begin with. An secondly their more or less admitting that ethier fans our to stupid to notice the change or that their to lazy to come up with new ideas.

Now that i have said that let me say that I would not cringe at the thought of a black captain america if they did it right aka not do what they have done with the Nick Fury totally rewrite the character orgin to fit pc terms. Do what they did with the black green latern establish the black captain America as a different superhero entirly with out forgetting the others that came before him.

I mean why can't a modren day blackman or even mexican who fought in iraq or afgahanstan get hurt durning combat get sent home and when he arrive their a group of men dressed in black suit our waiting for him and they talk to him and offer him a chance to enter a new super soilder program. An then go from their

2186 days ago


“ 20. Not to get all geeky on you guys or anything, but the first Captain America was African-American. His name was Isaiah Bradley and he was part of a government experiment to perfect the super soldier serum before they used it on Steve Rogers. Here's the link to the full story.
Posted at 6:22PM on Oct 28th 2008 by Josh ”

Josh I consed he is the first captain America in the Marvel time line but he is not the first captain America in the real world aka he is not the first Captain America.

Isaiah Bradley first appeared in Truth: Red, White & Black #1 (January 2003) (First in Marvel timeline)
Steve Rogers first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941) (First in our timeline)

But that beyond the point is the costume the dude is wearing in the picture is the Steve Roger or if technically speaking Bucky as of Captain America (Vol. 5) #34 (January 2008)

But like I am saying if they want to make a black captain America they should create a modern one for our time period and pay respect to both Isaiah Bradley and Steve Rogers not steam roll over them to be politically correct because as character they both deserve more then that and us as fan deserve more then that.

My last thought for now:
Changing a character on film or in the comic from their original perspective to go with the follow of a pc society is worst then any racism or ignorance because it insult all people that are involved with the deception from the top of the company to us who buy in to the belief that there doing it out of anything but personal greed. They our plundering the grave of those great character in search of the almighty dollar in the guise of pc. An in the end we the fan will be as guilty as those that did the deeds.

My point:
Wrong way: they change the race of the character when it could have been just as easy to introduce a new better character in any number of series of their comics and even built their history up with a graphic novel instead they just changed their nationality.
King pin – change from white to black
Nick Fury – Change white to black

Right way: They used a existing thought and built a new character.
Green lantern: They created John Stewart a person with his own history instead change the long running Hal Jordan character to be pc.

2185 days ago

hot snot    

hahaha omg - i feel like i am walking away knowing something about comics, at least Captain American. I have never read a comic in my life - that is awesome, a lot of knowledge to retain gentlemen. kudos

2185 days ago
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