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Howard's New Home -- Far from a HoJo

10/28/2008 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No, that's not the living room inside the Taj Mahal -- it's the new Florida palace of Orlando Magic star, Dwight Howard.

The 22-year-old baller just bought this nearly $8 million mansion, which has five bedrooms, five baths, billiard room, walk-thru butler's pantry, Italian marble floors and "30' gold travertine arches at courtyard." And get this -- the pool has its own "lazy river."

The house sits on a the so-called "Street of Dreams" in Longwood, Fla. -- and if you have a couple extra mil laying around, the ridiculous house next door is for sale.


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Thats ridiculous. But in 5-10 years he will be one of the ones filing for bankrupcy.

2184 days ago

Nobody In Particular    

Why contribute to charity when you can live in a rediculously overindulgent house.

2184 days ago


Hahahaha i know exactly were that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2184 days ago


Can you say NOVEAU RICHE' !!!!!! Old money would never build or buy something so gawdy. Pathetic!

2184 days ago


Now Thats a "Crack House"!!!!!!
Just saying.......

2184 days ago


I live about half a mile from this home. The house is located on Markham Woods Road and is still on the market.

TMZ please check your facts !!!!!!

2184 days ago


What is ironic, is that we live right down the road from these "Street of dreams" homes here in Longwood. They are built right on a main road and are so close to the McMansion next door. For 8 Million I'd like some privacy, and some land. Anyone driving by can look in the windows of his house and all the neighbors...

2184 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

I'd rather live in Palm Beach....fewer ballers as neighbors.

2184 days ago


Dont sleep on Dwight Howard he is a huge talent ..This kid is going to be huge in a couple of years, you'll see

2184 days ago

arte help    

It's amazing that people buy these houses when they don't even use 1/4 of the space in them. They must be making up for something small in their pants!!!!

2184 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Unless he's got the smarts to avoid leeches and hangers-on, "available" women, the bacchanalia of the party scene and a host of other pitfalls (creative accountants, failure to pay taxes, bad investments), he won't have the property for long. #1 got it spot on.

And if you're gonna attack the nouveau rich lifestyle, learn how to spell it.

2184 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

(Nouveau riche. I can't type for beans.)

2184 days ago


Dwight is a good kid. Don't hate. How much charitable work do any of you people do?? Probably a a lot less than he does. And please...don't tell him how to spend his money.

2184 days ago


Everyone shure sounds jealous of this kid. This house was designed for the 2008 Street of Dreams and is the only house in the history of the Street of Dreams competition to be awarded with all 4 awards. It was designed by MJS Custom Homes Designs in Winter Park, Florida. and built by Hillcrest Homes in Lake Mary, Florida. If you had the change to attend the Street of Dreams show back in May 2008 you would agree that this is a beautifully designed & built house and the competition by no means matched up to it's quality.

2184 days ago


Oh, so sorry Carolyn A-B, It seems as though I left out a "u".........................Get a life!

2184 days ago
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