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Gun Toting D-Bag

Exploits Hudson Murders for $

10/29/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If the Hudson triple-murders weren't awful enough -- some sleazeball is now using the tragedy to scare you into buying his company's product.

A. John Peters -- we're guessin' the A stands for A-hole -- sent out a press release with the unbelievable title: "Could a Bedside Shotgun Rack Have Saved Jennifer Hudson's Family from Tragic Death?"

The answer is most likely no. Only one of the three victims was shot in a bedroom.

A-Hole says he didn't issue the release to capitalize on the family's pain -- but are you buyin' what he's sellin'?


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OMG how can anyone use this tragedy like this....I hope they sue the hell out of him ....A HOLE

2128 days ago


What a sleaze bag! A bedside shotgun? Doesn't this fool know that some people are actually killed with their own weapons?

What a classless, loon!

2128 days ago


Oh my God! Seriously TMZ....give us this guys address so he can received thousands of letters telling him what a sleeze he is! Of course, someone like this would probably enjoy it. I can't believe anyone would be so cold and heartless.

2128 days ago


OMG, somebody trying to profit off the tragedy? *cough*TMZ*cough* Pot, meet kettle. /rolleyes

2128 days ago


"Ask not what your country can do for you, but, what you can do for your country" JFK a real democrat.
he has to be rolling over in his grave to see what has been done to our party.

I forget who said this next quote, but it fits me to a tee. "I didn't leave the democrat party, it left me"
You people are nuts, I can't believe I'm gonna vote elephant, but, our party has taken on too many lefties. See ya

2128 days ago


They should have one designed for the couch too. Because that's what 'these kind of people' are like. Once they get up in the morning, they just move their asses to the couch.

2128 days ago


I'm kind of tired of hearing about Jennifer Hudsons family. Yes it's a tragedy, but they're covering it like it happened to the president or something.

On topic: Everyone should have a shotgun or handgun in their bedroom for home security. Underneath my bed you'll find a 12 gauge loaded with double aut that I just have to remove the trigger lock to use. Something like that might have saved at least one life in this tragedy simply by racking a shell into the chamber to create the universally understood sound of a shotgun being put into the ready to fire position.

2128 days ago


who could be so cruel to do something like this to her when she is already enduring soooo much.

2128 days ago


Its funny how people are mad at this. What about the real answer to saving her family........
1. Not getting involved with dirtbags.
2. Having a convicted felon near your family.

What do people expect when they allow people who have history of violence in their lives. Im not SHOCKED to see what happened. It does happen all the time. It starts at the parents and you can tell that the MOM had no brains. Being famous I guess doesnt sheild you from the iggorance of your parents.
This should not have happened but was destined by the WRONG CHOICES of her sister.
I laugh at the people who feel so bad for the family, WHEN IT WAS THE FAMILY WHO MADE THE CHOICES THAT LEAD TO THIS HORRIBLE ACT.
She had the means to be safe but CHOOSE not too.
Its not a bedside shotgun rack she needed, IT WAS GOOD PARENTING FROM THE START.

2128 days ago


Pull you head out of your hearts people. This is sad, but it's reality and the reality is, should you choose to do so, you should have the opportunity to defend yourself from something like this. This is a decent product, though storing a shotgun next to your bed when you are not home is just an invitation for someone to steal it. We are shielded from so much that most people actually think they are safe in their cars or homes. We need even more disclosure so that people know the reality of situations like this. This could be your situation! Offering up a product that one sells and referencing a case where it may have been used is not a bad thing.

Perhaps if we had more info and were more in tune with tragedies like this so many people would not be going after or Second Amendment rights.

2128 days ago

get your facts straight tmz    

Here's the link to the story

as TMZ never seems to CREDIT anyone.


"A. John Peters, president of Home Back-Up Protection, said Tuesday that he didn't issue the news release to capitalize on the Chicago family's pain."

His website FAQ states:

"Children visit regularly. What should I do?

It is never wise to keep a loaded weapon close to children. Unload your shotgun, put it away and lock it up."

So either he didn't know there was a 7-year old child involved, which means he fired off this press release to make a quick buck; or he knew about the child but ignored his own website recommendation to fire off this press release to make a quick buck, which shows he's a gosh-darned liar.

2128 days ago

get your facts straight tmz    

All I can say is that at least hopefully this gun rack could save lives. But what about all of the magazines out today that are capitalizing on the tragedy?

2128 days ago


What #4 said.

2128 days ago


To persons who criticize the media( e.g.#7, #9), It was a triple murder within one family you insensitive people.. Whether it was Jennifer Hudson or an average civilian, the story should be covered, just like Elizabeth Smart's case was, the cop who gunned down the fiance in N.Y. and not to mention the interrupted local news and soap opera channels that were interrupted to covered Michael Jackson and crew driving to and from the court house.. News is news, and maybe there are people out there who can learn from this incident. I would much rather them discuss the trial next for the murdered, than to keep hearing all of the bashing that is going on between the political parties. I will be glad when the election is OVER!!!

2128 days ago

Loud and talentless    

This tragedy is horrible and I feel for Jennifer! What a terrible loss. The saddest part is that it was avoidable if that sister of hers hadn't made tremendously bad choices in her life ... and "bad choices" is cutting her a HUGE break! When will the Gangsta' crap end? It's a blight on our inner-city communities all over this country. The blame is usually misplaced as well ...

2128 days ago
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