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One Night in Paris' BFF

11/3/2008 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One contestant on "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" has more in common with the heiress than the others -- as in experience doing naughty things on camera.

The unbearably hot Corrie earned her keep -- 50 bucks to be exact -- for a small exposé for "Girls Gone Wild" earlier this year. We're told she was "professional" and fun to work with.

Yeah, she's a pro alright.


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Once a slutty whore, always a slutty whore. She'll be like that whore that took down Elliott Spitzer; known for only being a slut on camera, for taking it on her back or on her knees...

2116 days ago


umm kelly its pretty clear that we know this site is for entertainment.

2116 days ago


5. evry1 talking about tmz should be reporting real news is stupid b/c you come to tmz for real news?! tmz is for this kind of news. get your real news somewhere else. dummies.

Posted at 5:18PM on Nov 3rd 2008 by kathy

Speak much English, Kathy? Way to go, calling people dummies when you cannot spell. A$$hole!

2116 days ago


i hate her so much!! she is so FAKE person!!!! she has a pig nose that bends up!!!! she is very white trash!!i hope she loses for paris hitlon's new bff!! ive been noticing that alll the white girls that they have always pretended to kiss with other white girls that they want to get their attention by white douchebags!!! they make me so annoy because they still could be hate crime to be insulting for gay and lesbain community that isn't fair to me becasue the gay or lesbain still get hurt by the hate crime!!!!!!!! i hate white girls so much!!!!!!!!!! i love black lesbian so much because they are not pretend so much!!! these white blonde girls are so SLUTS AND BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

2116 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

See? It's all ethical. They got her signing on tape and everything! Not that it makes sense that they would do that...because that does seem kinda shady. Being that they can make lots of cash off of horny old men, I bet their next project will be the same of young hot guys showing off thier hardened junk for fifty bucks! I would.

2116 days ago


If that what you will do for $50, then I have $60 just for you baby. Call me. 1-800-if-your-a-cheap-ho

2116 days ago


so sad..50 dollars so girls gone wild can exploit and make millions off your in the world...molest girls!! wow! if i had a daughter that did that i would shoot her and the staff of girls gone wild. all those guys need to be lined up and brutally raped by men with aids. thats how angry it makes self respect. so so sad what girls and women will do for attention.

2116 days ago


What kind of idiot comes onto a celebrity gossip site and complains that it's a celebrity gossip site...?

2116 days ago


look at the still where he is holding the money like it is alot and she is looking at it its two fortys and a ten WHOOOO

2116 days ago


look at the still where he is holding the money like it is alot and she is looking at it its two fortys and a ten WHOOOO

Posted at 7:09PM on Nov 4th 2008 by person apple

"two fortys and a ten" you're just trying to get some comments aren't you?

you know i thought about my comment where i said "paris has nice boobs, she's just got implants"

i guess for a skinny, small chested young woman a big new set is almost as good as a new car and probably more fun to play with. it's no wonder she wanted to show them off. i suspect girls-gone-wild only pays the fifty bucks for legal reasons also, so the girls can't come after them later. i'd bet most of them would do it for free.

2115 days ago

I love paris lol im to young to be her bff    

Omg. wow lol i just watched the preview of next weeks show of paris bff and it shows corrie and some girl on tv trashing her and saying shes slept with alot of guys then someone put this link under the comment and brought me to this video i watched it. Corrie has a boyfriend why would she do this or was that a cover up?????? Ok either Paris Bff show is so fake or corrie is i didnt believe she was fake when they nominated her the fakest in the house but wow i cant wait to watch the next episode of Paris bff. Ok and for the people talking about the election how did that get started by watching a girl show her boobs. Yea really awkward! Also the stupid idiot trying to pretend like hes mccain ya hes not gunna destroy the world Obama is dont you see he is a terroist well anyways like in paris's words TTYN

2111 days ago



notice she never admits that they're real! she says "yes they're really mine!"


and she's wearing the same dress she wore on the first episode
maybe she was thinking"well thats the dress i wore on my first time on girls gone wild, maybe i should wear it for the first time meeting paris hilton!"

2104 days ago


It's nice to know she knows exactly what she's worth a measly $50 bucks! I always said these girls that star in Girls Gone Wild are idiots!!! They get paid a measly couple of bucks while the man behind these videos racks in millions $$$$. Way to go!!!

2102 days ago


I honestly don't think it's fair to gang up on Corrie when Zui (being a suicide girl) also has a porn-filled past. It was very hypocritical of her to provoke Corrie like that in the Reunion special!

2087 days ago
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