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Obama Jokes -- As Simple as Black and White

11/11/2008 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's ironic -- Barack Obama shattered racial barriers, yet some stand-up comedians are still hung on the whole Black vs. White thing.
Denis & Richard: Click to watch
Denis Leary and Richard Belzer have their differences on whether Obama is fair game, but both dudes don't think Blacks and Whites are the same -- at least on stage.


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Please #26 you dont see your people in the welfare line excuse me the reason why you dont see them is they been on welfare for years there are more white people on welfare then any race so what are you talking about!

2142 days ago


Leary is a fame whore... if it's popular he is all over it. Such an EGO.. he even outs himself on his own Rescue Me Board under an assumed name , because he HAS to have all of the attention. He started out okay on that board, then told one, two, three and so on and so on who he really was.

He has jokes about Obama? Yeah here's one he voted for him ! Now he will turn on him, as he has everyone he has stabbed in the back.. he wasn't off of Jon Stewarts show for 5 min. before slamming him on the Rescue Me Board.. guy is a PUTZ.. Sure he has "jokes" wonder where he stole those?

If he died tomorrow his wife (although she is gorgeous) would have a hard time getting a PITY lay.

2142 days ago

Just Me    

#23, you said "Half of you guys said Black people only voted for him because he was black, Well I AM black and I voted for Barack Obama because I felt he
was a candidate that mostly could relate to the American people of ANY
If that is true and I am to take it at face value, and I have no reason not to, then why do you think it's racism if I am white and voted for McCain because I felt his platform was closer to my beliefs? It IS a two way street, you know.

2142 days ago

the photo is sssooo wrong    

To "Obama rules"
Check the statistics, you will find more blacks on welfare, probation and in prison...And I saw the Howard Stern interviews where they used McCain's platform and they all agreed, thinking they were Obama's. Also, they asked if Sarah Palin was a good candidate for Vice President to Obama, they said Oh yes...So many many blacks voted for Obama because he is black. Let's be honest here.

2142 days ago

The End    

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my God - here it comes. Not allowed to make jokes, dissent, disagree, look at wrong - cuz we'll be called racist. Wasnt that considered "patriotic" and a media pastime for the past 8 years? God I hate stupid people.

2142 days ago


And I voted for Clinton because he is white.........wake up you stupid idoits....more whites voted for obama than black people because he stood for something more appealing than mccain's camp.....remember the electorial college ain't full of black folks dumb asses!

2141 days ago


The racism is not over by a long shot, it has reared its head up since a black man has taken away what our forfathers fought for. He will catch alot of jokes, hate e-mail, etc. and if people cannot get to him, they will take it out on the next best thing to him, other black people. THIS IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET POSTED BY THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. GOOGLE THIS AND YOU WILL SEE. ALSO, he is half and half, but he cired that he wanted to get in touch with his Black Heritage, and since then, he has not joined a dominantly white organization, etc until now, AS PRESIDENT??? UH

2137 days ago


With all his lies and bulls@@###! I wouldn't be surprised if he got impeached. He will destroy our economy. Hopefully the house will not let him. AND get this, BARACK HUESSAIN OBAMA is trying to get a bill passed ASAP without having to wait for the house to vote on it!!! Now, what does this say??? Again, on Yahoo Homepage, Chicago Tribune. And if you want to her the truth about both sides, go to They do not side with anyone. They are bold, in your face, love it or lump it, if you don't like it, who cares!!! GO FOX 26 NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2137 days ago


Oh, you mean like EVERY BLACK COMEDIAN WHO HAS EVER LIVED, these guys are making jokes about the difference between the races? And I don't mean some, or a lot, or most...I mean EVERY BLACK COMEDIAN WHO HAS EVER LIVED. Black comedians' entire acts are comparing Black people with White people. Are you people friggin' kidding me?

1160 days ago
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