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Brad Tells Jen to Shut It

11/13/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt allegedly was none too happy about Jen Aniston slamming his baby mama in Vogue mag.

The Chicago Sun-Times cites a "very close source" of Brangelina who says AJ and BP were "totally thrown" by the Aniston interview, in which she said Ange was "uncool" for yapping about the beginnings of Brangelina in public. So much so, a source tells the paper, Brad actually called Jen to complain.

Aniston's people say any communication between Brad and Jen is "nobody's business."


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If this story is true then poooh on Brad. Angie shouldn't have disrespected Jennifer by saying anything about how their relationship started. We all know he cheated and it's just a slap in the face for it to be annouced to the world like it's something romantic. There is nothing romantic about cheating!!!!!! If I was Jennifer, I wouldn't have been so classy as she has up to this point. And I don't think it's wrong of her to finally say how she feels. She has kept quiet for so long and was probably hounded over and over again to make a statement then everyone is surprized when she finally open up???

Message to Brad: If your not happy in a relationship then you leave BEFORE you start another one. Besides, Jennifer
didn't say anything bad or hateful about you. Even now she still has warm wishes for you. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Message to Angie: Nothing to say to the other woman except having six kids does not make you a saint!!

2167 days ago


He's got to be kidding! The skank he lives with can say or do whatever she wants and Jen should be quiet? Skanky homewreckers shouldn't even have a voice. He's nuts.

2167 days ago


Brad Pitt NEEDS TO SHUT IT! It was Angelina who started bragging about hers and Brad's affair! He needs to tell Anglina to SHUT IT!
Jennifer had every right to respond to that sluts statements. Who the hell do Brad and Angelina think they are? Oh Mighty King and Queen?
You Shut Up Brad! You Cheater!!!!

2167 days ago


I think it's funny. It would be great for Jen to tell the media how she really feels about those two. It's not as if we're not all thinking it anyway. "Uncool" is an understatement.

2167 days ago


Oh, so it`s fine if Jolie does it but not when Aniston? What a jerk! I never thought much of Pitt or Jolie though so this doesn`t surprise me.

2167 days ago


I agree - F*&K Brad! He was a slimely sneaky cheat and broke his wedding promise to Jen. He has "gotten off" way too easily. Slime ball. Angie is also, a homewrekker and should NOT be a Hero to any woman. F them both.

2167 days ago


If Brad did that, shame on him. Jennifer has had to live through the embaressment over and over again. It is her turn to speak out. And I think what she said is a nice way of saying it. She didn't call Angelina any bad words that we know Jennifer is thinking!

2167 days ago


It's time to jen moving on and forget about this jerk.... Someone closer to her should tell her this is water under the bridge....

2167 days ago

Di from Chey    

Aniston still loves Brad; that much is so clear. Otherwise, why would she care what Jolie says. But, hennifer needs to fade away and live her own life with john mayer or what ever his name is. It is only natural that Brad defend Angelina. After all, she is the mother of his children. Aniston is so not cool. She's down right pathetic.

2167 days ago


boo woo Brad, your trashy live in baby breeder opens her legs - oopps I mean mouth and pukes out those gushing details about how you fell in love and that's acceptable to you? NEWSFLASH..... WE DON'T CARE!! I can't wait until your "kids" do grow up and hear mommy bragging cuz she found love with daddy while on a movie set - oh and he was married at the time. That's a great quote to put in the family album, don't ya think. What great roll models you are when it comes to respect and love, teach them there are no boundries - cuz your big movie stars and it's acceptable. Go build more houses and "save" more kids from other countries, cuz that makes you feel like a better person right?

As for Jennifer, keep doing what you have always done - hold your head up high and live your life to the fullest. You're the bigger person in this. Angie proved by going on TV to tell the world about her and Brad, that she is still white trash 5 years later.

2167 days ago


Brad can go SUCK IT!!!!!!!!! want he can't handle what he did? Get OVER it!!!! Jen has the right to say whatever she wants, she has been quiet for so long and let them be now she speaks out and he wants to defend his whore.... PLEASE!!!! Someboy needs to kick his a** and knok some sence into him..... Him and Angelina think that their untouchable and nobody can say anything negitive about or to them. Hate to bust your bubble but it does NOT!!!!

2167 days ago


What's "So Uncool" that Angelina gave Brad kids that Jennifer wouldn't give him because of her "movie career" was going to supposedly taking off? Get over it and move on.

2167 days ago

oh puhleeze    

Isn't Brad the wanker who did that photo shoot with his skank girlfriend depicting them as married with kids before he got divorced and while he was still denying he was cheating? What an ass. Wah! I feel soooo sorry for Angie and Brad. Anyone who thinks Jen should just "get over it" is being unrealistic. Hell-I'm sick of Brad and Ang being thrown in MY face every time I stand in line at the grocery store and I'm not even the one he cheated on! I can't imagine how Jen has kept from going truly ballistic.

2167 days ago


Goodness...IF this story is true....then shame on Brad....Ange has said she would never be with a married man because her Dad, Jon Voight, cheated on her mother, and she didn't think that was right.......and then she turns around and does the very same thing...then she talked about it in a magazine article --- she couldn't wait to get to work (filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith) just so she could see Brad.

I totally understand why Jennifer thinks Ange's remarks were "uncool"...because they were.

2167 days ago


Both these two people need to shut up, show Jen some compassion. How inconsiderate can Jolie get - and its not like Jen ever hurt Jolie before so why is she acting like she has? Jolie really shows her true "unsaintly" character by completely disregarding Jen's feelings. If Brad can cheat once he can cheat again, so maybe one day she'll have to go through what Jen did and then know how she feels. Maybe then she'll stop being so 'holier than thou'.

i feel sorry for their kids frankly, being hauled over the world, not forming any solid roots or friends at school and not having firm foundations to call home. These two ego-centric idiots are putting their own needs above their kids.

OMG I'm actually surprised (and worried) how much this has annoyed me. :)

2167 days ago
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