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Britney to Fans: Dress for Success

11/14/2008 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears fans may want to hit up the gym (and the beauty salon) if they want to go to a special MTV screening featuring the popwreck.
Britney Spears
The sign-up sheet for tickets requires users to have to answer ridiculous questions about their height, weight, body type and even eye color. Fans are then told to wear funky and trendy attire for the event.

In other words -- don't show up looking like Britney when she was a certified mess.


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Was a mess? She still is a mess!!

2168 days ago


OMG. You can't be serious. How can this disgusting, talentless, loser think she has any right to pick and choose? She should be happy anyone wants to see her at all. What a selfish b!tch.

2168 days ago


Well tmz staffers, Just go to my my space page and you'll see that I more than totaly surpass Brit's requirement to be on her lil gig.
But MTV or tv not my thing especialy for free.
unless its for A good chairity for children.

2168 days ago


Does this mental case even still have fans???

2168 days ago


I doubt its actually BRITNEY that is requiring all of these things. Its MTV and what they want their viewers to see. They want the audience to be "appealing" when people turn on the show. Not right by any means but I'm just trying to point out that Britney may not have anything to do with it.

2168 days ago


5. OF COURSE Blackout sold 3 millions and Circus is going to sell more, looser.

2168 days ago


they neeed a mix of people so they ask.. all mtv things do that. wowooo?

2168 days ago


This is standard procedure for When requesting tickets for ANY event, one is required to fill out that "form". I guess they want to be able to choose "pretty people" to be in front of a camera. I know because I have applied and attended previous events such as this. They also sometimes require you to put an updated photo of yourself, eat it.

2168 days ago


When she gets some style I'll fill out the questionaire. When she was on the worst and best dress list never. She has no style talentess trap with a big funky P@ssy. LAME B@tch! You run truck up in that. tastless trash.

2168 days ago


Mental illness = funky and trendy. Hollywood, Hollyweird, alternative lifestyle, is all about the funky and trendy. It's like wearing a sandwich sign that advertises that the wearer is one french fry short of a Happy Meal. In the old days, Hollywood was about glamour. Funky is so untrendy and yester-year.

By the way, two days ago, another funky and trendy duo and their handlers were at a Borders Book Store on Westwood Boulevard down the road from UCLA (Los Angeles). I am referring to Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. Their book is on sale. I wish you could have all been there - but, then you didn't miss much because not very many people bothered showing up. Unless you were invited and wore a wristband, their security goons didn't let you catch a glimpse of the two skanks. On the other hand, the Olson twins looked funky and trendy and idiotic so you didn't miss anything if you were invited. I was about to buy their book out of curiosity until I observed how crazy their security people were acting toward the few people who showed up. I put their damn book down and walked away. Whoever those young, funky and trendy females were (probably the publisher's staff) looked and acted like freaks.

Mary Kate and Ashley, your biography is of no appeal and I am not curious about you skanksters any longer. In fact, I wouldn't part with my $$$ for the likes of self-important Mary Kate, Ashley, Britney Spears, Paris, Nicole, Jennifer, Christina,etc. etc.

Here is a clue: try dressing like respectable ladies and I just might be impressed enough to buy your book or DVD.

2168 days ago

Britney needs to go away - for good    

Her PR ppl working hard again. They want "Normal" looking people in her audience so that she will look more normal. That is too little too late. Britney is a loser who is fighting to get her status back as queen of pop. The only thing is that she doesn't deserve this title anymore. There are plenty of other people that hav REAL talent and respectable lives.

2168 days ago



2168 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

In other words, fat, ugly, sloppy, stupid looking, and otherwise lame Britards need not apply. That should wipe out the majority of the cult right there!

2168 days ago


B$tchney Sneers needs to get lost and stay that way.

2168 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Shouldn't she be expecting her fans to undress for success?

2168 days ago
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