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Oprah -- What's Penn Got to Do with It?

11/24/2008 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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FIRST!! Other than that I got nothin! Lol!

2102 days ago


should be interesting....

2102 days ago

supernintendo chalmers    

well then ashley, you have nothing at all.

2102 days ago


Why didn't TIMEWARNERAOLTMZLEVIN contact Nomvuto Mzamane or her attorney for their response to this question?

2102 days ago

Obama is a socialist    

ARRRRGGGHHHH! Not another celeb who thinks they should receive special treatment. Oprah, it's called a "long-arm" statute. If you don't like it, don't air your show, publish your internet site, sell your magazine, or otherwise take revenue from sources in Pennsylvania.

2102 days ago


It doesn't matter if Oprah isn't from PA. You can file suit in your home state, TMZ why are you acting like Mzamane is doing something wrong?. In fact you can file suit against anyone making them come to you're own home stat and if they don't show up you automatically win.

No wonder why Harvey has to work for a celeb stalking website, he couldn't cut it as a lawyer.

2102 days ago


What Oprah wants, Oprah gets. Her accuser needs to contract with a private employment agency for placement, otherwise she can't succeed on her own. I don't believe the courts will rule in her favor. Ms. Oprah is far too rich and far too powerful to tackle with. Has anyone ever known Ms Oprah to "lose" for any reason? I haven't. Sorry to say, case closed.

2102 days ago


Does Obama know about this?

2102 days ago


Um yeah... Pennsylvania is a COMMONWEALTH... not a state... research people!!!

2102 days ago


So, as much as her royal heinous Oprah bugs, good for her. The lady, who is probably illegal like Obama's aunt, abused children for goodness sakes. Kudos Oprah for standing up for children even if it costs you chunk change. Hope the case gets tossed out and the African lady arrested for child-abuse and deported.

2102 days ago


She has the right to sue anywhere Oprah sells magazines, it has been in the news in Penn. Was the lady actually offically charged or convicted of a crime by the authorities or just Harpo? Was she merely accused of wrongdoing by her employer and supposedly fired? Although we really don't know the details, she may have agreed to walk away. the public perception is as though Oprah, Harpo, et al just took tangible action to save their own personal reputations. Hey, I'm a huge Oprah fan, but I think this woman may or may not be guilty of anything, but being a scape goat. Oprah does huge good in this world but I wonder if out of love for her girls did she just throw everyone out that was there, without a trial and now she is suffering the consequences and wants compensation. And Oprah's got alota dat!

2101 days ago


Hmm, what else is happening in January?? Maybe the coronation of Oprah's chosen one?? Don't worry Opes, the Big O will make sure that mean lady's suit is dropped ASAP!

2101 days ago

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