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Britney's Return to "Live" Performing

11/28/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If by "live" you mean she was alive, then yes -- this counts as a live performance.

Britney Spears performed "Womanizer" at a German awards show yesterday. At least she looked conscious this time.


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I was going to make the same comment RichieDaniels. Reminds me too much of Madonna. She was lip-synching too. Can't believe some people couldn't see that. She looks healthier, I will say that and so much happier. I'd fire the people doing her choreography. They do remind me of the VMA's. Needs more upbeat moves. Part of being a singing entertainer is entertaining, not strutting about looking half into it, half not, like you're just moving to get through it. An entire concert of that would be boring. On the other hand, I think she looks fantastic, like her old self again You Go Girl!!

2064 days ago


Is it just me, or does Brit look like Madonna?

2064 days ago


madonna madonna madonna madonna madonna

2064 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

The German crowd looked quite honestly underwhelmed for a reason. Lip syncing and just walking around on stage vs. dancing and actually singing is not much to become the least bit excited about. Considering how precisely controlled and micro-managed every minute of her life is, it's amazing they were able to hide the puppet strings so well. What you have here is a floundering product that is still being forcefully mass marketed within an inch of it's life, while the person flounders around in a life of self induced dread. I cannot imagine any sane person thinking this is any sort of enviable life. Those who do so are either lying, crazy themselves, or trying to make nice by putting a band aid on a traumatic amputation. From what she is saying in her own words, it's only a matter of time until she chews through the leash and that will probably be the final nail in her career. Until then, they will milk the cow for all it's worth. I see a Howard Hughsian piss filled milk bottle future, with her bedraggled self occasionally emerging from her heavily defended parapet to scream and throw live chickens and cats at the besieging paps from across her alligator filled moat.

2064 days ago


I think it was really sad she wasn't with her kids for Thanksgiving....

2064 days ago


19. Hah.. She had to hop a plane overseas to try and sell that garbage she manufactured with britards parents' monies

Posted at 3:39AM on Nov 28th 2008 by geesh


You sound like an out of date retard that probably runs around saying groovy and thinking you sound hip.

2064 days ago

damn ur dumb    

To all her's your girl, live and in action. Is she worth your money? You as a fan sure don't appear to be worth any of her time. If you were, she would have prepared a better show than this. It lacks energy, originality, interest, excitement....all the elements for a good show. Sure, you can say that this performance was better than the VMA's. But I've seen animals at the zoo put on a better performance than that VMA disaster. So it's not really a fair comparison.

2064 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Some will say that this is just her getting her feet wet from her hiatus. But as a fan, is that really an excuse when paying out the a$$ for a ticket to her concert??? This was a mediocre performance at best....if she was an amateur entertainer. But since she is supposedly a professional, this was nothing but garbage.

2064 days ago

Tammy ELarbi    

Brintny, welcome back dear , Iam waiting for ur new .. thnx

2064 days ago


I love Britney and have been behind her ever since all hell broke lose in her life. I couldn't be happier that she's getting back on track and working towards a much cleaner life. However... this performance seemed very awkward and tired, like she was barely putting forth an effort. She needs some new moves in her dancing. It's the same thing, the same cha cha cha she's been giving since she was 16. I could also hear a bit of the live voice in there, but it was mostly drowned out by the prerecorded. She sounded good, but she can do better and I hope that by the time she goes on tour she's up to 100% if she expects to be charging $75 and up for a ticket to her shows in these tough times. Anyone else notice that the reception she's been getting has been just a tad or two above warm? The reaction of the crowd when she came out to sing with Madge in LA a couple of weeks back and the polite applause she got at the end of this performance seems to be warm but not over the top nutty adulation... maybe people are being cautious... holding back thinking she might slide off the edge again? Or, is it that the performances she's giving are way below standard, compared to the 1,010% she used to give in the past? Let's hope for bigger and better and far more superstar Britney yet to come.

2064 days ago


Britney and Christina both need to retire. They are just making fools of themselves.

2064 days ago

nonny henny    


2064 days ago

nonny henny    


2064 days ago


I would still give her the high hard one in the booty and finish with a facial, but her performing days are definitely over.

2064 days ago


Wow its amazing the crap people will buy into. The girls voice has been computer altered and most of us could sound exactly like her given that technology is doing most of the work. Hey catch those great dance steps too!!! Walking across the stage is sure impressive no wonder she needed to go to Europe to perform that. Wake up people she really has no talent. Stop the madness

2064 days ago
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