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She's Like Arnold... With Underwear

12/1/2008 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over Kyra Sedgwick, there's a new closer in town.

Sarah Palin, the Britney Spears of politics, has been recruited to help campaign in the Georgia Senate runoff between Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Jim Martin.

The red elephants are looking to bank on Palin's pop star appeal to rally the low number of voters who turn out for these runoffs. The Governator of Caleeefornia used to be the go to guy....we're guessing flying commando may have made it problematical in Georgia.

Palin will hit four spots today in the Peach State -- but don't worry, no turkeys will be harmed in the process.


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Mary Worth    

She's probably thinking she can see the White House from Georgia.

Alaska has been invaded by rednecks/racists. It used to be the most beautiful land of earth-loving people. Most of them didn't see the color of your skin. Used to be that way; before statehood. That's when the armies of losers, mainly from red states, flooded the new state!

Now they want to do to Alaska, what they did to their states! The glory that was Alaska, will be of another day, by the time they get through with it!

Yes, I'm from there!

2117 days ago


If the "Rpublican's" are so damn stupid then, why is Obama appointing them to his cabinet?

2117 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

The media went VERY easy on Sarah Palin. As far as that nonsense with Trig, and the list of books that were banned, that was "blog media." The media fell down on vetting her properly. A number of Repubs (myself included), vetted her very thoroughly. She isolates herself in the governor's office with a small circle of confidantes that help her with many issues she just doesn't understand. Many mayors and other government officials haven't even met her yet; she misses important legislative meetings. Her record on the environment and Indian sovereignty is terrible; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Although Palin has political savvy and is superb at speaking talking points written for her on the campaign trail, she has definitely proven that she has little interest, intellectual curiosity and knowledge about the world around her; either nationally, or globally. But these are the kind of people she appeals to. She couldn’t begin to hold her own in a serious conversation with any leading politician or interviewer/journalist. The way she presented herself during the campaign, and her vituperative comments at rallies, were not in the least presidential. In the final analysis, McCain’s choice for Palin as VP was an insult to the American people. Had McCain handled his campaign differently, and not behaved so erratically during the advent of the financial crisis, he just might have won this election.

The GOP better come up with some better leaders; otherwise, even more of us will leave this Party to join the Independents.

2117 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

To El Polacko

Name three things Palin has accomplished for Alaska. Also, her approval rating has plummeted in recent months. By the way, the number of voters in Alaska is the same as the number of residents of Staten Island. But keep reading some fo the GOP BS media, people, (like Faux News), rather than actually doing any research on Palin. Ignorance is bliss.

2117 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

To Idaho Potato

Uh...if I were you, I'd watch the Gibson/Couric interviews very carefully Then listen to the entire phone conversation she had with that phony President Sarkozy. Absolutely terrifying. She didn't know the name of Canada's prime minister; she didn't know that Quebec doesn't have a prime minister. It went downhill from there. Sheesh! I believe the insider comments about Palin; she truly doesn't have both oars in the water. The best and the brightest in Alaska have known this for some time. Unfortunately, they are out-numbered.

2117 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I think Idaho Potato is using his name to compare himself to Sarah Palin's IQ She is a self absorbed fraud, but I hope the Repubs keep her out there - makes their implosion that much more fun to watch. The only fans she really has are the scary, radical, religious right. If the Repubs allow themselves to be taken over by that lot, then they deserve what they get.

2117 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

to Dee - #38

Actually, only one on your list was ever a US president. Here are the education credentials of the last six presidents:

· Barack Obama received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University; he majored in political science with a specialization in international relations; he earned his law degree at Harvard Law.
· George W. Bush received his Bachelor’s in history at Yale; received his MBA from Harvard.
· Bill Clinton received his Bachelor of Science in Foreign Services from Georgetown University; he won a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford; and obtained a JD from Yale Law School.
· George H. W. Bush received his 4-year degree from Yale.
· Ronald Reagan received his 4-year degree from Eureka College, majoring in history and sociology.
· Jimmy Carter (who also won the Nobel peace prize in 2002) received his Bachelor’s of Science from the US Naval Academy; he graduated 59th out of a class of 810.

Sarah Palin (yawn) attended 3 different colleges and 1 university over the period of 5-6 years before earning her Bachelor’s in communications-journalism.

2117 days ago


I attended the Chamlis rally in Gwinnett today and got to hear Sarah Palin speak. She truely is amazing and I am sad that this country has missed out in having her in a leadership role for the next four years. All we can do now is pray for President elect Obama. This country may just be about to get what we have asked for...

2117 days ago


Geeez....I had hoped she would have gone deep into an Alaskan cave with her turkey wishbone. It would seem as though the people of Alaska are becoming very wise to Ms. Muffin and, hopefully, they'll find a way to get rid of her soon.

2117 days ago


This country has not missed out on anything from having shown McCain-Palin the door! The United States of America would not have survived eight more years of the evil ways and tyranny of the right-wing conservatives of the Republican Party.

2117 days ago

Karen H    

PLEASE Sara....GO HOME.....your 15 minutes are over. If you are the best the GOP can offer then I doubt they have the ability to regroup. So tired of your stupid remarks and making a a-- out of yourself in debates. Not to mention soooo sick of watching those kids paraded on the stage. Big can kill a moose...gut it and skin it......take it home and cook it.....sorry that does not a politician make. McCain took a big risk...all he was thinking about was Hillary's 18 million votes....just like Vegas it didn't pay off.

2117 days ago


An interesting habit of Polar Bears is they will defecate anywhere and then step in it, leaving tracks and a smell that are unmistakable.

2117 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

ark - how do you know this?? Perhaps you spouse is engaging in that behavior as we speak?? I love it when you try and be so non-partison and then you show yourself everytime!! First it was squirrels, now going after the cute, cuddly Polar Bears. If you want to pick a fight, just stick your head up your butt and fight for air!!

2117 days ago

idaho potato    

#36: posted by Georgia: "She didn't know the name of Canada's prime minister; she didn't know that Quebec doesn't have a prime minister."
The Premier of Quebec (in French Premier ministre du Québec) is Jean Charest, appointed June 6, 2003.

When I talk to crazy people (or read their postings) I too do the "yeah, right" response. The guy on the end of the phone was a fake (not known until after she was handed the phone. I would have replied the same, like: "Really?" or "Is that right?" or "Oh, OK." Like someone said before me, Sarah Palin is up in your brains. If you want to attack her political views, that's one thing, but get off her back about such crap as the goofy examples you present.

She's ONE of the people many in the GOP like. No one said she's the raising star or the savior of the Republican Party. That stuff comes from people like you or the media talking heads who can't stand people who don't go through them first. That's what REALLY pisses off the media. They were caught sleeping at the wheel.

She is a person who is principled and lives what she believes. It's OK, really it is. There's room for all in the U.S. I'm finding out that the narrowest minded, bigoted people are one's who call themselves 'liberal.' To be liberal is an ideology that seeks to maximize individual liberties. You and others here and there want to slap her and tell her to shut up. Sorry, ain't gonna happen.

2117 days ago


OOPS you got it wrong TMZ - it is B Obama who it the Britney Spears of the political scene. Have you seen the sign he is toting wherever he goes? It states "The Office of the President Elect"! There is NO SUCH THING as the OFFICE of the president elect! (Unless he is anouncing that the podium he is speaking from also doubles as his office . . . I guess that could be it!) If it was an "office" he would have duties to perform, and while he may be working on his future cabinet, he has NO OFFICIAL duties to perform, NONE, NADA as the President Elect!

2117 days ago
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