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Dodger Dog

12/7/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 59-year-old resurfaced at a charity event in NYC recently, looking adorable.

Steve used to be known as "Mr. Perfect," until his ex-wife, Cyndy Garvey, wrote a tell-all book and subsequent paternity lawsuits surfaced.

Garvey now works as a greeter for Dodgers VIP ticket holders and resides part of the year in Utah.


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Still handsome after all these years... Weren't they part of the 'friends' of OJ Simpson and Nicole?

2145 days ago


This was the professional baseball player Tatum O'Neal wrote about in her biography who came to the Bad News Bears set to help her learn about baseball and to do a photo shoot. She said she couldn't remember his name in the book, but photos from the mid 70's showed them on the set.

2145 days ago


A paid greeter? How the mighty douchebags have fallen.

2144 days ago


In the 1980's Regis had a ABC - L.A. show with co-host Cindy Garvey. A few times on the show Cindy would appear live wearing sunglasses during the show. Steve Garvey was wife-beating Cindy, and she needed the sunglasses to cover her black eyes.

2144 days ago


Men look creepy after 50.

2144 days ago


I never thought he was good looking. Met him at a party way back when. Was nice enough -- but SOOOOOO boring.

2144 days ago


my dad was his and cindys doc back in th 80s and when i was a kid i was in my dads office and i saw her steal one of my dads precription drug pads. she came back a week later all nuts and yelling cause my dad voided that rx pad numbers that she stole. It was pretty funny. She is nuts. That whole family was all about public perception and hiding the fact that they both had some serious mental and emotional problems.

2144 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I try to stay nice on these boards, and I even reprimand people who come on here and trash other people. You guys know that I do, and that I am always fair and often a voice of reason in the midst of hysterical people on TMZ's boards.

But folks, when it comes to Steve Garvey, I become one of you. I cannot stand this man. He beat Cindy, was a cheat and was NOTHING like he portrayed himself to be. He is such a liar.

Now I feel like I need a shower just having seen him on the Internet and written about him. Bleeckkkkk..... He is disgusting. Please. Never reference Steve Garvey on this Web site again. He is trash.

Forgive me for going over to the dark side on this post.

2144 days ago

Black Teef    

Well, at least he's not a greeter at Wal-Mart. Then again, he could probably beat the sh!t out of Wal-Mart people & get away with it.

2144 days ago


My mom went to h.s. with him in Tampa, FL. He was pretty crappy back then, too.

2144 days ago

enough already    

Steve Garvey is one of the nicest guys I ever met. His ex wife Cindy however was a total nutcase. He is/was not a wife beater. She however was crazy and violent. For years she turned their girls against him. And he never gave up. He used to sit in the background in the stands out of sight watching his girls at their swim meets because if Cindy saw him she went nuts.

2144 days ago


OJ and Nicole, Marcus Allen, The Garveys, The Bruce Jenners, Frank Gifford and Kathy Lee the whole lot of them were tight once....can you imagine? Good grief the lying and abuse and philandering that must have been going on with them all---and maybe all at once.

Sickening isnt it and arent they?

2144 days ago


eff the dodgers

2144 days ago

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