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Mindy Cohn -- She Takes the Bad ... Singing

12/17/2008 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"You take the good, you take the bad ..." -- It's almost impossible NOT to sing along with the "Facts of Life" theme song, but yesterday in Brentwood, Mindy Cohn wasn't havin' it ... even when the entire crowd around her started busting it out!

Mindy Cohn: Click to watch


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I thought she'd eventually grow out of her fugliness, but I see I was wrong.

2082 days ago

arte help    

Who cares about her, shouldn't we be more concerned about the first Obama scandal. And yes, I voted for him. I think this will be a long 4 years folks!

2082 days ago


Wow, another empty brained comment from a hater...what a surprise.

Anyway, I wish her the best. I enjoyed watching the show, and I'm sure she still has many fans.

2082 days ago

Triple Play    

Holy Donuts, that girl is larger than life or a 1968 VW Beetle

2082 days ago


tkennedy, thank you for admitting that you voted for Obama. I voted for McCain, and I am sure that Obama would not have won had he played fairly, especially with his campaign contributions from questionable contributors and his affiliations with ACORN and voter registration and voter fraud. I am not surprised that some facts are now surfacing about some of the (illegal) stuff that went on during the campaign. Unfortunately for us, our media is (for the most part) liberal and so we hadn't been getting information on this before the voting took place. Obama is a good speaker, and I have no idea what kind of President he will be. I see him relying mostly on those experienced people he puts into power, and here's hoping they know what they are doing! Too bad McCain wasn't elected, but he felt it was necessary to put down our wonderful President Bush, who kept us safe since 911, during his Presidential campaign in order to distance himself thinking this would help him to get more votes, but it didn't. It divided the Republican party, and now we have to deal with 4 years of a Democratically controlled Congress, Senate and now Presidency. I will be out looking for a job after the end of this month, so I'm scared for my own future. Scared I won't be able to find a job. And I'm 52 years old, which doesn't help at all (as you all know, it is legal in the U.S. to discriminate on hiring because of age--at least nothing is done about it so it might as well be legal).

2082 days ago

Reverend Ramona    

"What are you doing for Christmas?" Ummm, she probably isn't doing anything special, since she's Jewish, cameraknob.

2082 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

She seems like such a nice person. Not even correcting the moron asking what a Jew is doing for Christmas!
Great to see she's doing well.

2082 days ago


She's great, always enjoyed watching her. Wonder what she's doing now?

2082 days ago


Mindy Cohn needs to stop hiding behind her fat, and start respecting herself. - Who cares if Meg Ryan is in the restaurant. Mindy knows there are 2 realities. The one where she is currently overweight, and the other reality where Mindy becomes the biggest loser, and nobody will be worrying about Meg Ryan.

Jenny Craig had their spokesperson of Kristy Alley, then Valerie Bertinelli, and next is going to be Mindy Cohn. She owes at least that much to her fans.

2082 days ago


Mindy Cohen was part of my t.v. childhood experience.

I wish her well.

Who didn't have a crush on Blair and Tootie was cute as a button.

Interesting to me how 'Joe' turned out to be arguably the most successful actress!

Why am I not surprised that the usual disussion thread bigots jacked this thread and turned it inot an Obama Hate-Fest?

What a great place to have a political discussion guys! In a TMZ thread about Mindy Cohen.

Geez, you guys are bright! LOL

2082 days ago


Mindy Cohen is the voice of Thelma on all of the new animated Scooby-Doo movies and shows. (I have a 5yr old so that's how I know).

2082 days ago


To Squirrellygirl:

Maybe the reason you are out of a job is because of Bush?!?! Hmmm. Funny how the rest of the world gets it but you don't. If you will be looking for a job why are you on TMZ commenting on Mindy Cohen? I think that says it all. No wonder McCain and his loosers lost.

2082 days ago

northern gypsy    

omg...did i have a flashback...or what ??? ...M.C. looks exactly the same...thxs tmz for takeing me back to the days when things were less complicated...btw...all (don't care which party) the political rants are getting tiresome...

2082 days ago


OMG! Loved ALL the girls from FOL. I grew up watching them! i think Mindy still looks the same. and it would be a GREAT career move for her to be a JC spokes-person. i, for one, would be rooting for her. best of luck, mindy.

2082 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

She is one of the ugliest people to ever appear on television, matched only by Jimmy "JJ" Walker when he was in his prime, when he weighed about 85 pounds. Two ugly people at opposite ends of the weight spectrum. And only the dumbest people I know would watch "Facts (or should I say FATS?) of Life." It's a known fact that you actually lose intelligence during the half-hour you spend watching this mindless sh*t. Read a book or exercise instead. That show is a prime example of everything that is wrong with network television.

2082 days ago
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