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Palin -- Not In School Doesn't Mean Dropout

1/1/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You know the difference between an unwed teen baby daddy who left high school to become an electrician and a HS dropout? Nothing, according to Sarah Palin.

She corrected several publications and their reports Levi Johnston, her daughter Bristol Palin's fiancé, dropped out of high school. He's doing it online, apparently, and Bristol is getting "her last credit" to graduate while taking care of her new baby Tripp. (Track, Trig ... Tripp. No, we don't get it either.)

The Governatrix also said she is "over the moon" about the new child, even though, she admits, the news of Bristol's pregnancy was "shocking."


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Nothing like being proud of two high school dropouts...I mean two temporarily not attending but finishing up by mail students.
What the hell else did these two losers have to do that they couldn't finish HIGH SCHOOL? Oh, that's right, they had to make a precious little bundle of bastard joy.
I guess they're too busy to get married too, huh?
I guess SP is such a lousy parent that she could't get her own daughter to: abstain (like her mother insists everyone else do) OR finish high school. Even the SP ass kissers have to admit that this is not a very good track record.

2085 days ago


#54, your statement is simply not true: my best friend and her brother were only 8 months apart. Her mother got pregnant within weeks she delivered her and her younger brother was about 6 weeks premature. Voila. It can and does happen to the best of us.

2085 days ago


Earth to TMZ must also be aka Sarah Palin. She is reading and commenting folks! No one would else would defend so hard and if they would there is something wrong.

2085 days ago


And since you are reading and commenting Sarah, tell me, was it worth sacrificing your kids for 15 min of fame? You are so transparent. You can not be compared with Obama and family because they live in truth. Scandal does not contaminate them because they are honest. The truth is the truth.

2085 days ago


I remember high school, given that it wasn't too long ago. There were the kids in the honors classes who got into good schools, the kids who were the average classes and got into two-tier schools and then there were those troubled kids who went to continuation school or independent studies or just got out of high school with a GED. Some of the kids in the latter group were smart and the other ones were just stupid. They all had one thing in common: they came from highly dysfunctional families, like the kind of people who if they ever wrote a memoir about their family you would think it was too shocking and they must have made it up. I'm not poking fun at these kids,especially the ones who turn around later in life, but I mention it because it reflects Sarah and Todd's true colors that their eldest kids are failing in school. They have a public persona as being warm-hearted family-centered Christians, but in real life, they are somehow mis-raising their children and deterring them from school. There is something really wrong with the Palin family, whatever it is, they are not reliable nurturing people with common sense. I would not want society's most base group of people to be president of the most powerful nation on earth.

2084 days ago

Ya Think    

Earth to TMZ (or Sarah...whoever you really are) -- are you SURE that Trig was born on April 18, 2008? Or are you accepting that as his birth date because Sarah tells you that's the day he was born? No, no, no, my dear. There's no way that Sarah was in TEXAS when her water broke, then she delivered a speech, flew to Anchorage with a change of flight in Denver (10 hours total flight time and the flight attendants all claim they didn't notice she was pregnant) -- THEN drove another 2 hours to a little clinic in a remote area to deliver that baby. This was supposedly her FIFTH pregnancy. She wouldn't have had time for all that! Why would she drive past a major, well-equipped hospital to get to some remote little medical clinic that didn't even have neo-natal facilities? Supposedly she was about to give birth to a premature baby!!! And -- riddle me this -- IF that baby was almost 2 months premature, why was everyone holding him right after he was born? Better yet, why was LEVI'S SISTER MERCEDES photographed in the hospital room holding Trig? IF that was Sarah's baby, why was Levi's sister even there?

Bristol had already delivered Trig by the time Sarah went to Texas. The Texas trip provided Sarah with the scenario to "go into labor" and scurry away without her staff being around her and getting suspicious or wanting to rush to the hospital to see the baby. Maybe her con game worked on some of the Alaskan hillbillies, but it doesn't work on people with common sense.

2084 days ago


JoAnn, you say "I'd love to hear some negative stuff about horse-faced Michelle Obama. Tell me some bad stuff about her family -- that her daddy is a ho-chaser, that her auntie is a skanky alcoholic, that her momma wears combat boots..." I'd be happy to make all that up for you, but the beauty of this is that we don't have to make up Palin's appalling trashy stupidity, OR the fact that little Tripp's grandmother is a hillbilly heroin dealer. I'm not sure you COULD make up the amazing Palin saga!!

2084 days ago


The vitriol is palpable and, frankly, disgusting. I've seen many, many kids do things that they were NOT brought up to do--things that explicitly went against what their parents taught them. I've learned that it's a big mistake to judge parents by the actions of their kids if you don't know the whole story. Sometimes bad kids are a result of bad parenting. Sometimes they're not.

And for those of you who think it's easy being a part-time distance learning student... Well, I can only assume you've never tried it. I'm working on my graduate degree now via distance learning while working full-time. I assure you it's no easy task. I'm also familiar with the Florida Department of Education's onling school program, and can say with certainty that it's just as difficult as going to school in a traditional classroom. For all any of us know, these two kids may be in a program that's just as rigorous.

2084 days ago


I am not a Governor Palin fan, and am very grateful and not at all surprised that she lost the election. But children are OFF LIMITS! Even Barack and Michelle Obama stated this a number of times on the campaign trail. Please stop!

2084 days ago


And you wander why people have stopped coming to this site. TMZ sucks now.

2084 days ago

Britney loves paparazzi    

Sarah's medical records were released remember??? 5 pregnancies .... Trig is her baby... LET IT GO...

2084 days ago


TO : Ya Think
So i am taking it you were with her during this time? Because the way you talk it sure seems that way. Stop being such a bitter loser. No one believes that sh*t. I am assuming you are one of those people who think 9-11 was a giant conspiracy too. Well let me just say you are an unpatriotic piece of sh*t. Go spread your hate somewhere else.

2084 days ago


This woman has to be one of the trashiest politicians with the trashiest most low class family in America. I'm not hating but I would imagine that there is a mayor of a backwoods town in W. Virginia or someplace saying well at least my family is better than that. Don't get me wrong teens get pregnant and become electricians from ITT tech and what not but to put yourself out as wanting to be the President in 2012 or vp now and represent all of America with a HS drop out unwed teen baby having teen mother whose baby daddy is a drop out too, and to have been yourself a 5 or 6 year barely sneaking out of university probably by giving professors favors that is truly disgusting. I would ask for a second civil war if she ever came to represent my country or me in anyway. If there are enough American Idol watching hicks to vote her into off well well them have her in their own soon to be 3rd world country.

2084 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Congratulations Palin family!

2083 days ago

Big Will    

Wow they must be evil they are white and had a kid. I don't know what the big deal is you can have absolutely no qualifications then be elected president its a proven fact now.

2082 days ago
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