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Palin's Son-In-Law-to-Be Bums Out

1/7/2009 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's not going to high school. Also, he's not going to electrician school. And now, he's quitting his job. Levi Johnston, meet the TV tray and soiled diapers.

The baby daddy of Sarah Palin's kid has decided to quit his job in the oil fields of Alaska, says the Anchorage Daily News, after they questioned how he got the job in the first place. And he's also decided to ditch his electrical apprenticeship after someone pointed out he needs a HS diploma to do that, which he doesn't have.

So what's left? Well, they did just have the baby.


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who has the facts? ME    

Palin DID try and "cover it up" - that's why she didn't announce it until AFTER she was the chosen one for VP. Do you not live in the 21st century?? There is no hiding now, the media will get you wherever you are...duh. There is no hiding a pregnant teenage daughter, or expect it to not be covered in the media, when you are a "Christian" "church going" "moral" "transparent" "value oriented" "conservative" Governor from Alaska. The hypocrisy was the best part of the story!!

2115 days ago


Hey Campy, it's all right to have supporters like Bill Ayers and an Uncle Like Rev Wright, Right?

2115 days ago

Mark Stracka    

To lk: You are "spot on." So much was never asked about this messianic orator. He is already showing that he is an 'empty suit' with some of these appointments (Hillary as SOS, Panetta as DCI, e.g.) and his lack of knowledge of protocol (failure to consult with Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairperson, D. Feinstein) His true colors and intentions will soon be evident and the Obamaniacs will be brought back to earth with the realization that they elected a radical, anti-white, anti-Semite, anti-America 'wolf in sheep's clothing.'

2115 days ago


Mark - AMEN.

2115 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Well I declare, perhaps Levi and baby-mama Sarah can line up some top magazine's like "People, Ok..or even Oprah and sell dem baby pictures....Why, hell fire....I'll give em $2.00

2115 days ago

Susie Q    

In Alaska, every day is backwardz day.

2115 days ago


To all of the Obama haters, spewing their dislikes, and lies. Well, your lack of intelligent or impairment is showing as you are unable to stick with the topic. The link is in reference to Levi lack of education and employment. Your comments are a clear indication that your minds often wanders and you have difficulty staying focus. Therefore, since you do not have linear thought processes, you are judgement as a deficient being.

2115 days ago


The person responsible for the media glare being on these kids is Sarah Palin herself. She decided to trust her daughter into the spotlight at an unbelievably difficult time for the sake of her own political self-interests. And what's more astounding is that she still needs the limelight so much that she just can't shut up!! Please, Palin clan, go back to your trailer park and clean up your family drug dealers, dropouts and sluts in private. I'm sick of hearing about you all.....

2115 days ago


i thought this was a celebrity website? where's the birth of rebecca romijn and jerry o'connell's twin girls? or jen garner and ben affleck's new daughter?

with all the stories about pseudo celebrities like levi and shauna and spiedi, its a wonder you don't see adnan stories too....

my 13 cents...

2115 days ago


Just to remind everyone that the Palins have always been in the spotlight because she is GOVERNOR FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA!!! The attempt at destroying Gov. Palin and her family would not be reciprocated had she been a Democrat.

The moral equivalence argument about the same treatment of Democrats as the Republican-haters give out is a total farce. Just shows how truly misunderstood conservatives are - had one of Michelle Obama's daughters been in the same situation as Gov. Palin's daughter, no Majority Rules, she would not have received the same harsh treatment - a media environment of compassion and understanding would have ensued, especially from conservatives.

2115 days ago

Jonny B Good    

I love this bunch of white trash...this is a great story...keep up the good work you guys, I reall love all of you...

2115 days ago


Hey lk--

You must be living on another planet--I've never known anyone more viciously sanctimonious than a died-in-the-wool Republican. The Ann Coulters, Rush Limbaughs and all the other conservative, bible-thumping creeps would have crucified the Obama family 24/7 if they had this kind of trash in their closets. The Palin's are a disgrace--we're only pointing out the obvious.

2115 days ago


i want to be just like him i want to get my fifteen minutes of fame and have a hot girlfriend with big watermelons lol and then sneak into her mother in laws room

2115 days ago


The election is over and still some fool is still holding on to the Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright lies. Apparently, you have a problems with progression - probably why you haven't been promoted to fries clerk yet.

2115 days ago


So? When IS the wedding date?

2115 days ago
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