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Palin's Son-In-Law-to-Be Bums Out

1/7/2009 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's not going to high school. Also, he's not going to electrician school. And now, he's quitting his job. Levi Johnston, meet the TV tray and soiled diapers.

The baby daddy of Sarah Palin's kid has decided to quit his job in the oil fields of Alaska, says the Anchorage Daily News, after they questioned how he got the job in the first place. And he's also decided to ditch his electrical apprenticeship after someone pointed out he needs a HS diploma to do that, which he doesn't have.

So what's left? Well, they did just have the baby.


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Children learn what they live.

Sarah Palin's first son was born 7 months after she was married.

What a hypocrite!

2079 days ago


that poor baby's got crap genetics and morals from both sides----one granny in jail and the other's a corrupt right-wing politician whose own party dumped her the moment they lost in a landslide!

2079 days ago


Hey MadMaxx -

Living on the same planet. Those you mentioned don't attack people PERSONALLY or try to DESTROY them. They attack the facts of the situation, and communicate their opinions of the facts. Just like Olbermann, Stewart, Moore, Franken, etc. And see, the facts are usually on the side of conservatives, and that's why lefties (I will not call them liberals as it insults true liberals) have to go after people who don't share their views personally and try to destroy them.

I just wish everyone could respectfully disagree, and STOP THE HATE.

2079 days ago


lk--if "facts" are what you think Coulter, Limbaugh and their ilk
spout, you really do have your head up your hoo-ha!

2079 days ago


See, my point exactly.

2079 days ago


"The attempt at destroying Gov. Palin and her family would not be reciprocated had she been a Democrat."

What a laugh! If a Dem VP, Ann "C you Next Tuesday" and Rush "Lard-buut" would crucify her for not 'making her girl wear a chasitity belt'.

OTOH, all these two did was make a baby, why so hateful [from compassionate libs]? Shows that people still have old ideas about sex.

2079 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Come on TMZ. Bristol was not the one who ran for VP her mother was. She was just brought along as a prop. Leave the kids alone! BTW...Are you kidding me? Most of us WOULD take 300K for pictures of our newborn kid. Get real!

2079 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh don't attack people personally??? Are you joking?!?!?
That's how they make a living you moron!!
BTW - Levi should have that baby tested for paternity. Up in Wasilla, all the teenagers know that Bristol has had at least a dozen boys "do the deed" on her, she's got a really skanky reputation.

2079 days ago

Mark Stracka    

To kim: How can you possibly point to bad genetics in the case of Sarah Palin's granddaughter? What about Obama's gene pool? A no account father who abandoned him and his mother at an early age, a brother in a hut given no support by your magic negro, and an aunt in a slum in Boston who has not gotten one dime from the half-black messiah doesn't speak well for the pres-elect now, does it? His creepy associations with criminals (Rezcko) and terrorists (Ayers) and hateful anti-white preachers (Wright and Pfleger) and his college funds having been provided by shady Saudis is an indication that we're in for some tough times in this country. You Dems have really screwed this one up - BIG TIME!

2079 days ago

Mark Stracka    

And, kim: I can't wait to jump up on my soap box and scream "I told you so!" when Sarah is back in 2012 and kicks Obama's half-black behind back to his brownstone in that most-corrupt-state-ever --- ILLINOIS!

2079 days ago


To all these lovely people who have addressed me - can't recall all the names -

1. Obama said when the news came out about the Palin's pregnancy that his mother was ALSO a teenage mother and to his great credit, that was not part of the campaign nor should it be. I also think that McCain should also be credited with not extolling the fact that Obama's father was a deadbeat dad.

2. I have absolutely no hatred for the poor -- in fact, what I do every single day is to try to help people with their lives and to have a voice for those that aren't heard. I work in the poorest county in my state where child protection services are greatly corrupted and ineffective. My intolerance is for LAZY people. There is something gravely wrong with denying someone with a physical disability government assistance vs. someone who can't work because they "get mad all the time" or a kid who "get so anxious at school he can't go" (true stories).

3. As far as my profession goes, it doesn't matter to me if that is believed or not. To the person that made a statement about the ADHD and ODD comment, NO, I have no clue what you are implying. Get straight to the point. Do you want me to quote some of the qualifiers from the DSM-IV? Show you my certification # or license? When you CAN be straight to the point, then I'd be happy to discuss differences in thought with you.

The thing is, I don't agree with a lot of conservative Republican ideals and agree with some more conservative Democratic ideals. I think to the far right or far left allow for no tolerance, but most importantly it's IDEALISM. We live in the REAL world and must act accordingly.

Further, when methamphetamine is the most deadly drug craze sweeping America, people losing their homes and jobs, kids are getting raped, and the elderly abused, some of the big stories on the news are about the Obama daughters' first day of school and what dog they are getting. Talk about screwed up priorities. Although, if Obama is the man I think he is, he would agree with me that coverage like that is silly.

2079 days ago

Mark Stracka    

Hey, face it ---- Limbaugh and Coulter have got nuthin' on you. You seem to have gone to the same "I hate every Republican on earth" ACADEMY that the BIGGEST HATER IN THE WORLD Keith Olberman attended.

2079 days ago


This story is rediculous. The kid is getting hastled beyond belief. He temporarily left the apprenticeship to finish school and then he will return. The media sickens me with all the crap they write these days.

2079 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Look Out!! Mark Stracka's going to blow an artery!!
For someone who is SO indignant to defend Bristol Palin, it's mighty hypocritical of you to attack Obama's CLEARLY distant relatives. His father, although not a good parent, was a brilliant man who went to Harvard.
The Palin family, and their issues, and within an IMMEDIATE family unit. To make the comparison between and mother and her children (the Palin's), and Obama and a half brother he doesn't even know, or an aunt he wouldn't recognize is so Rush Limbaugh of you and the attack clearly shows that most Republicans ARE hypocrites, just look at Sarah Palin. She screams about Socialism, and then runs, her words, not mine "America's Socialist state(Alaska)"

2079 days ago

Mark Stracka    

SPUD: "so Rush Limbaugh of me..." Why, thank you very much!

2079 days ago
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